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In the times between spitting my lungs out of my chest thanks to the ever-wonderful “Maximum Strength Mucinex DM”, I found that I was able to dabble a bit more with Darkfall, and I’m liking the game, despite some of it’s very serious draw backs, but I don’t think I’ll end up there for any serious amount of time, until those drawbacks are fixed, but I’ll most likely finish out my 14-day trial. I find I’m becoming less tolerant of some issues the more I game, and I have to wonder if that’s why I’m less of any MMOs right now, including EVE and WAR. Besides the point though, I want to talk about the things in Darkfall that really bothered me.

First, is similar to what I mentioned last time. The UI is SLOW. Any action done is a fight through hip-dip molasses. It’s incredible how sluggish it feels. On the plus side though, I figured out how to make the mini-map show up in “action mode” – you click the “sticky” button, which makes its visibility persist through the transition. That highlights another problem with the games UI: information. Something EVE excels at is providing the player with all the information they could possible want, probably more than they need. Darkfall suffers from the opposite problem – virtually zero tooltips, documentation is poorly catalogued (when it is at all), and an overly complex chat system means finding the right channel to find help in is less than intuitive.

It’s hard for me to get past the UI woes of the game though, and maybe I could, if only the lag wasn’t so god-awful bad coupled with imprecise combat actions. I had the two used against me, and I used them against others to force-flag PvP someone. All it takes is standing in front of someone shooting a bow, or magic to flag THEM a rogue, and then chasing them down and killing them. The kicker is, apparently if you stop attacking the person, but they keep attacking you, your rogue status remains. Oh, and don’t expect any icon, or persistent information telling you you’re a rogue, if you miss the chat on-screen or in the terrible text-box, you’re shit-out-of-luck. I’m all for free-for-all PvP, but there needs to be a system to help you recognize when you are in that state, and all the relevant information pertaining to it.

The combat IS fun though. It’s a blast to have to strafe and aim blows, and actively block/parry in combat. I can see how group close combat could be dangerous with two-handed weapons essentially doing AoE damage with each swing. But all of that means jack if the game is too burdened down by whatever issues it carries to react quickly and accurately to the players input. The game has the responsiveness of WAR just after launch. I love the fact that it’s a world, I love that a lot of the old-school elements, but for all that is holy and good, the game needs some polish. I have a hard time accepting poor UIs. How a player interfaces with a game is entirely driven by a games UI (hence the name), every action, move, chat, and experience will be filtered through the UI, and for such a massive aspect of every game out there, I continue to find it surprising that so many companies let this integral aspect of their game fall by the wayside.


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