Frustration Solution

What do you do when you’ve had a particularly frustrating play session in a game? Whether it’s a raid where no one seems to be able to coordinate and do their jobs, a dungeon run where players keep going AFK or disconnecting, a series of scenarios where you’re finding yourself without even a lick of heals the entire time, or a night of play filled with bugs and strange anomalous behavior. When you find yourself becoming exceptionally annoyed at your game of choice for the evening, how do you resolve your situation?

I don’t always run two MMO subs concurrently, but the last couple months I have (WAR and EVE). In addition to those two games though, I’ve also been playing a heavy dose of LoL, and console games. Last night was one such situation where the frustration level with WAR was hitting a ceiling, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m on Norn now, but the lag for playing on an EU server was very noticeable. Getting hit by Witch Elves from 45′ away, Marauders pulling me from over 100′ away, and my single target snare – perhaps my greatest safety tool – being completely and utterly unreliable, not firing but still triggering the cooldown anyway.

So, I logged off, and went to play something else instead. I was still frustrated though, because I wanted to play WAR. I wanted to make some progress on my Shadow Warrior to get her to 80. I wanted to spend my time in Mythic’s realization of Games Workshop’s world. However, for a slew of reasons, I couldn’t do so and still enjoy myself.

That’s a problem, and one I’m not used to facing. So as much of a solution as logging off WAR was, it was merely a compromise, and a settling for the runner-up.

How do you handle a game session that’s gone south? If you’re like me and play something else, do you find yourself as satisfied with your follow-up game as the one you had to quit?


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3 Responses to Frustration Solution

  1. theerivs says:

    I load up a single player game, currently doing the campaigns in Dawn of War 2, and Blowing up some shite.

    • Mr. Meh says:

      Did you see the expansion coming?

      Im excited to see them link the first with second. Because I like both the first sets and the 2nd, so this expansion is giving us the option to overall have more fun. Very excited.

  2. Grimnir says:

    Sheeyit. I rage-log on a daily basis, it’s all part of the game for me these days. Sometimes I go to sleep because it’s already 3am. Sometimes I catch up on my Hulu queue. I really try to not play by myself anymore. If I have a bad run-in with someone while solo I’m more likely to rage log as I’m not hurting my group. Peer pressure is the solution, lol.

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