Stick and move

Rift is the first game I have seen in, well, ever, that I think has an actual shot at competing with WoW for a PvE MMO place of recognition.

I mean that with all subtleties and intricacies you can think of if you look at it through the light of the current treadmill MMO genre design.

Will talk more on it later.


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7 Responses to Stick and move

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    Yeah. I think we are still under the RA of talking about it.

    But yeah. It could be a contender. We have to wait for the 4th Beta to get the PVP version. But so far the depth the Mastery Trees (an Actual Tree for once) is amazing.

    I’m having a hard time finding bugs to report.

    I was hoping for more from the combat though.

    • Shadow says:

      I’m on Seastone, playing Defiant btw. Shaman/Justicar/xxxx seems like a really nasty melee healer type. Sorta what the Melee WP was supposed to be (BIG GIANT HAMMER!).

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Yeah, the Clerics in every form are OP in comparison. I’ve gone many ways down the paths. Justicar is the obvious win tree. I’m torn on the Shamman or rather just going up the Sentinel.

        That was my most basic feedback right away after making my 7th toon, Clerics were way too OP. It could actualy end up being just like WP/DOKs in WAR though. OP Melee Heal till T4. Either way, to rank 20, groupings of Clerics are all you need so far. Anything esle in the group just seems to be for variety.

  2. Gankalicious says:

    As an oft-disspirited WAR veteran I am reading about RIFT with a slowly-rising feeling of hope. I’ll be anxious to read your impressions on the PVP portion of the game once you’ve had a chance to test it.

  3. I ran Marksman/Ranger/Bladedancer during the last event (leveled as a riftstalker to tank IT during Beta 1, then as a pyro to play Guardian). The game, overall, feels like an updated theme park (to be basic in description). I think they’re taking a lot of what worked in other games and then making their own customization to it, which is great and definitely will work for them.

    I won’t be buying the game when it comes out though. It doesn’t offer me enough to keep me interested. The dev team though is top notch (reminds me of Blizzard when WoW first came out). I just hope they work well with the community to improve the overall game instead of making the game as simplistic as possible. 😛

    • Shadow says:

      I definitely agree with your themepark statement. It’s incredibly linear right now, and doesn’t encourage freedom of exploration or discovery. And as great as the soul system is, it won’t be long before people start discovering the “master spec” that will be greater than all others. The thing that would get me over there and playing is a VERY fun PvP gameplay that is varied and deep. The potential for that to exist is there, but I’m not sure it will show up.

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