I do not support it

Sorry, but no.

I do not care about how much flack I catch from this, but the request is off base. In the history of WAR, only a handful of careers have actually gotten focused love patches. Guess which ones they were? If you guessed the AM/Shaman pair, you would have guessed correctly. The Shaman, as a career, is in no way shape or form, in a rough place. It’s a VERY strong career, with oodles of utility to make up for it’s slightly less potent healing. Putting any highly focused attention on the career before the many others that still need it would be a disservice the game, namely the Engineer/Magus/Swordmaster.

Props to Nob for trying to organize something to support an issue he is passionate about, but looking at the overall health of the game, shamans don’t need focused attention. This “campaign” comes off as little more than one giant QQ fest, and I won’t get started on the “give the gobbos some love” when there is no intention of including Squig Herders in the movement.


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6 Responses to I do not support it

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  2. Rikker says:

    I have to agree. It may be a bit ridiculous that ALL hots can be cleansed in one go, but at the same time, several hots ticking away on all targets means TONS of healing done with no risk of standing still, and that’s without mentioning other buffs they have. They just can’t do spike healing as well, is all.


  3. Nobwaart says:

    lol, you actually took the time to make a post about it!

    Anyway first of all IMHO, we need some love, not necessary a love patch per say but we are in need of some love. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesnt have any clue about the Shaman career and how easy it is to shut us down in terms of healing.
    People say we can kite over a group of people, which is completely true any compent Shaman can kite over a group of average players with ease but the problem in kiting is we lack any healing burst, our hots just dont cut it.

    The campaign isn’t to make the Shaman OP, thats not my intention at all, its just to make us from (again IMO) worst healer in the game to balanced healer, I understand your concerns for other careers that may need some love, as a Core tester my brain is telling me Yes give them careers some love but my green heart is saying No! give the Shaman’s some love.


    What are these several Hots you talk about ? We have two, 3 if you actual count GFI and 4 if you count our tactic that actual needs an ailment in order to work but overall our hots in a game with low TTK are just pointless.

    Also what use are our debuffs when all other destro careers have better ones ?

    • Shadow says:

      Two paragraphs plus one sentence of writing doesn’t take much time 🙂

      As I said, I applaud your dedication to the career and trying to make it the best it can be, but I don’t think it’s even close to necessary for any type of special focus given to the career.

      Have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Mr. Meh says:

    I still have to agree with Nob. I didn’t understand his campaign to be adding more utility. The DPS and effects of both Shammy and AM are fine (maybe even argueably too good). But as for just comparing Shammies healing to AMs, Shammies just lack the right tactics to give them the same edge. There is a gap called Wild Healing. That tactic is what makes the AM, the heal monster. You can’t have AP problems with that tactic, short of being super drained by 4 Maras.

    Same gap could be argued in the missing DPS link that WP lack over their DOK cousins. Maybe that’s Mythic’s version of balance? Don’t know.

    I had a 42 AM way early in the game. And for a little bit I tried the Shammy, healing too. And I just got frustrated very quick with the AP management. I see what he means right as soon as his motion is for soley ‘healing’ love.

    And yeah, they don’t have extra HoTs over the other healing classes. If a Shammy or an AM wants to heal something, they have to stand still. Or pew pew 5 times then heal. The setback is frustrating all in all.

  5. murkin says:

    @ Nobwaart

    Go do a line while listing to “All White Everything Remix” – Yo Gotti brah

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