I can haz?

Your space station?

Apparently so. I logged onto EVE the other night, and my corp was chattier than usual, and being chatty about a recent heist they had pulled off. It turns out, that they were able to commandeer another corporations Control Tower. What does a corporation do when they suddenly have a load of hot goods on their hands? That’s right – sell it anonymously. Preferably back to the people you stole it from. To the tune of half a billion isk.

The corp I’m in is a very small one, with a usual 3 to 4 players doing their thing online at any given time. It’s great to see a game where small groups can still accomplish big tasks with planning and skill. It also means less people to split the profits with!

Ahh… sandbox.


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Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

2 Responses to I can haz?

  1. Jomu says:

    how do you commandeer a space station in EVE?

    • Shadow says:

      I’m working on getting the details for that. But apparently, it can be done a number of ways, from grabbing it if left free floating, or a mole assigning permissions from within the owning corporation. I’m sure there are more ways, as I don’t think either of those two were used for this, but I can’t be sure until I chat with them more about it.

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