Instill Fear v Heaven’s Fury

(Reminder to tell Rancid to see if he can work a way to link directly to abilities on his wardrobe instead of to an ability list page)

Both are close range, AoE staggers.

Both last 9 seconds.

One is a baseline Morale 3 that does 1200 damage as well, the other, a speccable ability that does a couple hundred damage at best.

What do you think of them as they relate to each other? Balanced? Appropriately placed?


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4 Responses to Instill Fear v Heaven’s Fury

  1. Grimnir says:

    What is this stagger you speak of?


    Sounds like something them Chosens do all the time. Hum…

  2. Mr. Meh says:

    I think I have shared my opinions on stagger enough. It goes unshared. It’s an overpowered ability to a premade. Sure, in a PuG atmosphere, it doesn’t really matter. As the stagger is going to be gone as soon as you cast it. Which means there is probably little reason for it to exist since its not PUG proof and its Premade OP.

    I can almost see its purpose in the Moral 3 staggers that many classes have. It serves as a great damage output, or it serves as a life saver when you get caught with your pants down. As for the Chosen/Knight spec’able ability, its cooldown needs to be adjusted to something more appropriate. Say 60 seconds.

    I just recently leveled my Knight to 40 on Badlands. Everytime I use the stagger, I little part of me dies.

  3. Shadow says:

    Hmmm… I meant with respect to each other… going to clarify post.

  4. Rikker says:

    Balanced and appropriately placed relatively.

    Increasing CD on the spec-line stagger would be overkill, since the M3 can be used every 60 sec as well, and does more damage.

    An effective tool that is necessary to premades, and completely useless when used improperly… it is easily enough of a double-edged sword to make battles interesting. The Chosen/Knight stagger, interestingly, is one of the few that I think is well-placed in the game.

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