Back in the Saddle

"Bringing sexy back." "Where did it go?"

I’m a bit rusty here, with having been too busy to give any attention to my writing of late, so I’m just going to jump right into the saddle and take this thing for a ride. All climax and no foreplay style.

I left my guild this last week.

The final straw on the back of the camel was a disagreement before a 6v6 they had set up, and then how they requested I spec to complement. The situation just exemplified the entire outlook they had started to take on how to approach the game, and combat. Where their playstyle was taking them one way, mine was another way. The gaming philosophy is one that I disagree with, and won’t participate in. It’s one that can work, and I hope it will for them, but I don’t think it’s the best, nor do I find it enjoyable. I don’t hold any animosity or anything towards them, but I highly doubt any reconciliation or a return to their ranks until they change how they play.

I’ve been playing less and less of late, thanks in large part to my finals, but also thanks to a smattering of EVE, and also out of just a general lack of desire to do ANY MMO gaming. MMOs in general are starting to dull on me. However, the recent solo-ishness of my gameplay has brought me to some really fun and entertaining scenarios, and has reminded a bit more of self-reliance in-game play, but also, brought some of the silly, ridiculous FUN back to the game for me.

Over the weekend I had one of the top five most humorous instances in my WAR career. I was playing as a melee spec for shits and giggles, and at one point entered a Blood of the Black Cairn scenario, that had four marauders. As I was running around doing my hit and run, bob and weave, in and out multi-range attack style of the SW, I noticed the marauders were REALLY starting to give me some love. At one point, I had three purple tentacle beams all converging on my back as I exited the fray (oh why didn’t I PrintScreen!?). Then I saw “Disrupt” then another “Disrupt” and a smile started to grow on my face, but it stopped short, as my character then went flying through the air in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go.

Can’t win them all.


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6 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. Rivs says:

    Mauraders is one of those classes I wanted to try, but was too lazy.

    • Shadow says:

      They’re all over now, being the new hot-shit again. The recent, slow buffs, have put them in a place where players realized how good they are as a class. Especially when coupled with defensive sovereign.

      • Mr Meh says:

        Qoute from Burnsides when asked why he won’t play his Marauder anymore:

        “I only like to bitch. Now that the class is working and great to play, I have no reason to continue playing it.”

  2. Mr Meh says:

    Lots of childish drama has hit the server. Many of have left.

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