Are almost over. Will officially have finished my AA, with an astounding 90-some credits. Yay for retarded school policies in regards to transfer credits!

Advisor: Yes, I see you got a B+ in English II at the University of Florida. Now, please sign up for English I here at our community college.


Actual conversation.


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3 Responses to Finals

  1. andybursh says:

    With education, it always seems like those doing the teaching could do to learn a thing or two ..

  2. Rikker says:

    Heh, I hear ya on this one.

    I’m running into these issues at my college as well.

    “Yes, I’m aware you have x years of experience in the field, and a B in this “Integrated Circuits” course(at the University I’m sitting in…) , but if you could please take our “Intro to Integrated Circuits” course….

    At what point does this not appear to be a giant waste of time? Bah.

  3. Shadow says:

    In reply to both of you, I’m beginning to realize more and more than the educational system is more of a business than an attempt to actually educate. The entire idea of “general education” at the college level still blows my mind, and the ridiculously convoluted course requirement systems and transference of credits invariably leads to unnecessary courses taken (and thus, money spent).

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