Yesterday saw the launch of the first part of EVE’s Incursion expansion (patchnotes). Many people seem to feel as if it was a somewhat light expansion, but this is most likely due to its being segmented into multiple parts. Though, significant changes have still found their way into the game.

For starters, rockets have been overhauled entirely in an attempt to make them into an actually viable weapon system, and my jaws are now drooling to finish leveling up my Assault skill to fly a Hawk (which has also been updated) and blow the crap out of someone. Then you have the introduction of a new ship, the Noctis, which fills the niche-salvager role. And probably one of the biggest changes is Sansha’s nation starting their invasions. I have yet to experience them, as I played for all of 45 minutes last night, but I really hope to see this new faction and the unpredictable, smart behavior of them really bring the chaos to the game. Beyond the game play stuff, there have been performance tweeks, visual improvements, and UI advancements.

So, a bit light on the whole, but it looks to be setting the stage for the other portions of expansion, namely the removal of learning skills and the updated character modeller, which I really, REALLY mean to get a video of that made. I’ve got the recording done, I “just” need to put it together. Good stuff all in all, and I’m really enjoying my time back in Eve again, especially now that I found a Corps with players that seem to provide good information. The group is worlds apart, competitively speaking, from where my Warhammer guild is, but they know the game well, and are proving to be a good asset.

Speaking of Warhammer, no Producer’s Letter? Did I miss an announcement?

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