Towers of Midnight

Book 13 of the Wheel of Time made it to my hands. Was up till 2 AM reading last night. So tired here at work.

I’m not dead in the traditional sense, merely consumed elsewhere.


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6 Responses to Towers of Midnight

  1. Wasdstomp says:

    If I was Bioware Mythic I would really start to ask myself alot of questions. They invite you to this special war blaaghers convention with three others, and since you have pretty much completely stopped talking about Warhammer Online.

    To expose a blogger to everything, and have them stop playing the game must be a real wake up call. I don’t see you talking about getting to rr100, playing alts with the renown bonus, or anything.

    They lost a valuable blogger who is no longer pushing their game.

    • skarbd says:


      It’s okay to read a book 🙂 He’ll not be struck by lightning. More likely to be struck by lightning for still reading that series. Who I put up there along with GRR Martin for not getting on with things, though to be fair to R Jordan before he died he still managed to get the books out. GRR Martin writes great books, it’s just his productivity which blows.

      At least with Steven Erikson, he gets on with things. Though I found Toll of Hounds a little bit slow, though had to re read the last 100 pages to work out what had happened 🙂

    • Shadow says:

      I’ve started talking less in general, life is busier.

      Also Wheel of Time > any video game.

      • skarbd says:

        Wheel Of Time greater than any video …. maybe. A good series, then no, he needed a stronger editor . Malazan Empire better, Game Of Thrones better (If GRRM could write faster then it would be great, I think he will die before he finishes that series)

        • Shadow says:

          “… I think he will die before he finishes that series”

          Jordan did!

          Too soon?

          I will totally agree though, using his wife as an editor failed in a lot of ways, the grammar mistakes were resplendent throughout the book. It’s better now that Sanderson is writing (new editor also?), but I still find some mistakes.

          • skarbd says:

            I don’t think it’s something as trivial as the grammar. The editor needs to reign in the authors excesses or look for clarity in the prose.

            I have spoken to an author Neal Asher and his editor. His editor would sometimes put a rabbit in the margin’s, implying that the author was going on a bit.

            I think after the early books did so well, Jordan was allowed to go on to much. He had so many characters on the go, that it was very hard to track them all. Erikson is guilty of that, but at least has the guts to kill them off. His books are about war, people die.

            Thats why I lost faith in Jordan about book 6, I would read 600 pages and jack all happened, until the last 100 pages.

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