The rats have landed

As you should be well aware of by now, The Verminous Horde RvR pack arrived last Thursday, and we just had our first full weekend of play with the new toys it brought. Rats have been roaming the lakes left and right. As far as patches go, this one was implemented incredibly smoothly. No game-crashing bugs, or campaign-destroying issues were there, and downtime for it was relatively minor, especially when considering how much was added in. That’s not to say that there aren’t issues that need to be dealt with, and the importance of the various issues will vary from person to person. For instance, on some servers, it was discovered over the weekend that scenarios were obliterated into non-existence. And of course, in typical, and perfectly reasonable ( is my “/sarcasm” needed?) internet fashion everyone cried bloody murder in response.

In what is actually a pretty decent response time, Mythic has acknowledged that issue and where they’re at on it, as well as some of the other major issues that have been reported to them. This is the best kind of communication that I as a player like to see from a company. It’s concise, to the point, and pertinent. It gives you a good idea of what issues there are, and that they are being looked into. I become more convinced every month that a big part of maintaining a happy client base is in part due to the ability of adequately, and calmly acknowledging issues that need to be resolved. I know that some of those things weren’t even known issues to me, like the Rat camps in Empire vs. Chaos not being the appropriate level. I know I’ll just be happy to be able to play scenarios again, I need the mini-game small-man battles to break up the monotony of zerg v. zerg ORvR.

Interestingly enough, I never realized how potentially big the enemy zerg could be at times until we had the gutter runner available. They have this amazing ability that allows them to relay the positions of enemies to their group (possibly warband), and they show up as dots on your map (red for Destro). Over the weekend, I participated in a keep take, and it was fun to sit and watch the milling red dots forming what looked like a blood clot around the keep, little particles of destruction milling about at the edges. Couple this handy function of gutter runners with their skill at leaping onto walls and perma-stealth, and we have an infiltrator that provides the most powerful tool in warfare to us: information.

The biggest question remaining for me still, is what access to the Skaven is supposed to require. I have yet to participate in the instanced invasion that was added in. This in part because I never seem to know when it’s happening, when it does occur, it stays open only very briefly, and I honestly am not even really sure where to go to enter it. Some type of visual indicator really needs to be added to the map to give better direction for this ride. Despite my lack of participation, it seems like I was still able to become a skaven. For shits and giggles, I clicked on the skaven portal on Sunday night, and was rewarded with control of a rat ogre. Of course, like an idiot, I then warped to the warcamp, forgetting that it was considered a PvE location, and immediately lost my rat-ness.

Yeah, I’m a quick one.

Enjoy the new toys everyone.

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4 Responses to The rats have landed

  1. Rikker says:

    Agreed, props to Mythic for quick fix on BO resources and keep Doors. It seems to have worked pretty well, IMO.

    Also: I don’t know what you guys are all complaining about, Iron Rock had chainpops all weekeend … ;P. Coming off a “dead” server to a new height of population… it was a great change.

    • Shadow says:

      Apparently, it was a bug that some people were having issues and others weren’t. One guild mate was logged in for an extended period of time and went multiple hours without a single SC pop. Since they are supposed to be fixing it to day, I’ll probably actually log-in.

  2. Mr Meh says:

    I /wave d at you and you punted me repeatedly into danger thr other night in Chaos Waste. /sad

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