I’ve been feeling the itch to get back into Eve for a while now, craving a sandbox to play in. And now that I’ve finished replaying through the original Metroid on the Wii (no more need for complicated passwords is a plus!), EVE seems like a perfect fill-in for my Sci-Fi junky craving. I’ll say this, CCP knows how to promote themselves and entice players back. With the upcoming expansion Incursion coming as precursor to Incarta, I wanted to play around again in their internet spaceships, so what does CCP do: offer 5 free days of play followed by a two month deal for $19.95.  If you’re curious about more Incursion details, follow this link and read all about it.

With joyful abandon, I accepted their invitation for the free 5 days at the onset of weekend, and started looking for a corp to join up with. Hopefully a new home will make my stay last a good deal longer than usual – a tough call with the WAR RvR packs coming out in two days. As-is, I’ve hunkered down and started doing some chain missioning of level two’s with an odd rat-kill in between to help my sec status. I’m sitting at -2.95 right now, which means I can go into 0.8 space for the most part, leaving only the highest-security systems out-of-bounds. What I’m hoping to do as a result of my new-found freedom of travel is go around collecting all my random goods and items scattered across multiple regions and centralized them in one place. I have a badger I can do this with, and a Minmatar shuttle that I think will be great for jumps in between stations with a ship stashed away.

To the outsider, that all sounds probably insanely laborious and overly complicated, but it’s part of what makes the game great. The necessity for travel and planning makes the game a world (er… universe) as opposed to “just” a game. It’s that eternal persistence that keeps drawing me back to Eve every time I stray away.


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3 Responses to Incursion

  1. Rer says:

    I also came back for the five free days and man am I happy that I did! I found an awesome Corp full of very kind and fun players. I’ve already placed my $19.95 down and eagerly await the next expansion.

  2. Rikker says:

    Booo EVE.

    Come back to the dark side ;P.

    • Shadow says:

      WAR is very much a casual, get-in, get-out, light gaming fun. Eve is a world. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, it’s all centered on what you want to play at the time. I would say it would be difficult to create two MORE different games with the same sub genre (PvP MMO).

      All that, and I never said I’m leaving WAR. I’m sure I’ll be logging in on Thursday for some skaven hijinx with the rest of you.

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