Self cross-promotion

I’ve started a second blog, for anyone who cares.

Like WAR bloggers that have come before me, I’ve started to run, and despite advice to the contrary, not only am I NOT keeping it quiet, I’m telling everyone. It’s a form of keeping myself dedicated. I let myself slip up, and fall out of a commitment unless I do something to reinforce my will. This will be that support. Even if noone reads it, I will be chronicalling my progress, and putting it into the world, and that should keep me honest.

I’m in week two right now, which may be a bit early to start writing about it (but screw it), and will have a post about it soon.


Yeah, I know what I’ll be doing after work on Thursday.

Trying to squeeze into an overloaded server along with the thousands of other people who will be coming back just for this expansion, vainly hoping that I’ll be able to get into the game and actually play on the most difficult day to play in an MMO – that’s what.