No room at the inn

Last night was the North America PTS event to test out the RR100 templates. To say it went well is an understatement. To say there was a good turnout would be a disservice. My class ended early last night, so I was able to rush home in time to catch the tail end of the event. I sat down in front my computer screen at 8:25 PM EST, and was met with an unsettling message when I tried to bring my newly created Shadow Warrior into WAR: “Population is full”.

Wait, what? I thought that I’d have better luck if I tried to create a destruction character – Blackguard incoming!

The results were no different.

Thankfully, Gaarawarr told me it puts you in an invisible queue, and to wait it out. Immediately after, I saw the crossed weapons and shield icon filling my screen, letting me know that battle was soon to be had. A short set-up time after, and I was out and about violently romping with the other 999 players in-game. Yeah, the limit for both sides was 500 if what I hear is accurate. Getting 1000 players to come out for a test event, it’s sort of big deal. The insanity that ensued was pure, unadulterated chaotic fun as Order ran over the Destruction opposition through Praag and all the way to their Keep in Chaos Wastes.

The game seemed to be handling the stress well for the most part. I only had a few instances of the dreaded server/client synch problems where my Flanking Shot looked like a machine gun firing it as the game tried to figure out if I was REALLY in range and if the target was REALLY flagged for PvP. There was also a bit of lag while manning the ram which made hitting that 100% mark far more difficult. Still it was nice to WANT to hit the 100% mark seeing as it actually makes a difference now on siege weapons how your interact with the firing mechanics. On the ram, if a person got the red 50% value for their swing, your damage to the door was far more likely to be in the 80k range, but if all participatnts were hitting the high 90’s, we were seeing numbers in the 90k range. When two of us got 100%, our damage spiked to 105k if memory serves me.  It was a nice change of pace to hear people spouting off results from new siege weapons and also hearing frantic calls for Gutter Runners to take out the weaponry on the walls.

I didn’t get to play with skaven at all, as I had a baby emergency to take care of part way through, and as my luck goes, that’s when the instance opened up. It was a bit strange to see some rats running around the lakes, but I really didn’t notice too many of any other than the Rat Ogre and Gutter Runner. The Packmaster and Warlock Engineer both seemed woefully under-represented. Of course, I think most people just wanted to play as the new RR100 and thought of the Skaven as the old hat so to speak, which makes sense considering that people on the internet have the attention span of an A.D.H.D. gnat hopped up on pixi-sticks.

I was able to take a few screenshots throughout the night that I’ll try to get up by tomorrow, but I my focus was more upon running around a bit and seeing how things worked in a practical sense last night. I will say this: the artwork for all the new armor sets look AMAZING on the whole. Both the Shadow Warrior outfits look crazy good, and the Knight/Ironbreaker sets look fantastic. They really did an impressive as hell job on all of these, and the art department over there needs to be commended for the great job they did. In the meantime, one of my fellow Bloggers, Bruglir, has pics of a lot of the armor sets. The files are big, so practice patience, what is interesting to see, is that all weapons have a glow about them, either red or green. From what I can tell, the green glow is for the offensive weapons, and the red is for the defensive – an interesting visual queue that people should start picking up on.

So if you didn’t make it out, or were just unable to get in, I hope to see you out next time. Which coincidently enough, is Friday of this week at 3 PM EST for the European testing, so if you have your day free, hop on and go for a ride, you’ll like what you see.

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