Happy Guy Fawkes day!

You thought I was going to link some 'V For Vendetta' pic, didn't you?

Producer’s Letter.

RvR Packs pricing announced!

Strike of the Match

Yesterday, Andy Belford tweeted that  scenario matchmaking was coming soon to a server near you. A lot of people are excited about this. I don’t know if I fall into that particular group of folks quite yet. My initial response is “cool – better fights”, but when I sit and think about it, actually think about its reprecussions, I find myself sitting on the fence, with a slight lean towards the side of unease.

There is a thread on the official forums where Andy gave a fairly robust explanation, something that twitter’s limited message size couldn’t allow. He confirms the general concept that performance and skill will be used as a marker for how players are matched, and a very rough outline for how filling of scenarios will function, and he even went so far as to give some teases about the potential of cross-server scenarios.

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