Patch Notes

They’re here!

Of immediate and instant note, is that the RvR packs have been boiled down to just two: Progression and Personality. Power seems to have melted into the æther, or more likely just split up and reconstituted into the general update of 1.4.0 and the Progression pack. But I like melting into the æther better.

The next biggie (other than the complete change to how RvR is going to be handled), is a detailed listing of all the renown abilities and what they do. Totaling in 26 different options, the bevy of options is going to have players like myself twitching in indecisive glee over what route to take. I’m thinking of going the unkillable god route…

Another big hit is the revamp to items and armor. All armor and weapon vendors are being consolidated, so there won’t be a small army of soldiers selling war-gear to you. Additionally, Annihilator and Conqueror will be purchasable with hard-currency. Warlord will be coming from keeps, sovereign from stage 1 of the city. All the purple weapons and armor will be redistributed throughout keeps and other areas, and all the power for lower sets on vendors is seeing some tweaking. It’s just an all-around shake and bake of item changes. Sean Bosshardt has been making changes…like a boss.

The last bit of interest is one that I may not make any use of, but that pleases me immensely to see. A list of updated API changes. The modding community to WAR is something I appreciate greatly, and encourage more people to pay attention to. These players bring great utility to the game on their own time and for no tangible reward at all. Seeing the documentation of changes is something they have been asking to get for a long time, and I hope that Mythic continues to give them this information to let them better serve the game and community.


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6 Responses to Patch Notes

  1. Erbse says:

    Is there any detailed information about the sub 80 RR boost the package gives?

    • shadowwar says:

      Nope. I’m honestly surprised that they’re giving more of a boost. I sincerely believed that the AAO boost was the improved renown gain they spoke of earlier. To give even more-so on TOP of AAO will make ranking up occur at ludicrous speed.

      • Erbse says:

        AAO certainly is great, no arguing that. But it’s also random and inconsistent. On Gorfang we’re quite in a good position, on servers such as Badlands however AAO means nothing, solo / small squad ganking is just impossible. Also, if you don’t happen to be underdog or part of realm that tries to milk AAO you may never see AAO in the first place.

        Still, just hoping for a bit more than a lash of servitude kinda thing since real life money is involved. Given the large item gap between RR80 and everything a both as far as total stats go chances are the goal is to make everything obsolete up to RR80 – so a 20%(+) boost may be reasonable. Last but not least because it’s only helping you to get to 80 and not past 80.

        Well, be interesting to see. Haven’t played a whole lot lately and my SM is still only 71. Given the games’ flow and course however I’m not really into playing Cira any further as a main at this point so I may be sticking to the SM where I wouldn’t mind a chunk of extra RR to fly to 80.

  2. Rikker says:

    I was skimming these last night, and I have to agree.

    This is a very comprehensive change, I think for the better. Some of this stuff doesn’t look like much, but it will do wonders for the polish and feel of the game, armor modifications not being the least of that.

  3. Crin says:

    Where does invader come from now? Not even sure where you get those crests anymore to buy it.

    • shadowwar says:

      It mentions that crests can come from a whole slew of possible places in the notes, but it does nto mention the actual pieces, so I have no idea.

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