State of MY gaming

This weekend was an interesting one for me, as it relates to gaming. I’ve talked about it before, and I don’t want to harp on it so close to previous, but I’m realizing more and more just how casual my gaming is becoming. This wasn’t even a weekend I wanted to do a lot of gaming in. What I really wanted was to paint my Tau army. I didn’t even really want to play video games that much, and not any MMOs. Instead, the wife and I had some friends over and did some pumpkin carving, and we spent some face time with some of our friends the following day. Additionally, my weeks are becoming consumed with baby-care and homework as mid-terms are chomping at my heals.

What’s weird, is that the video game itch I HAVE been having is for some of the older games in my arsenal. For instance, I never finished a lot of my semi-recent single player titles, like the original Fable, Dead Space, and Assassin’s Creed. And maybe it was that the NES just had its 25th birthday, but I’ve got a desire to play through the original Metroid and Kid Icarus, which I can do with heavy thanks to my Wii and the Nintendo Store. Maybe I’m just a bit burned out on playing Order on WAR, I don’t know what all the reason is, but either way I let the account with my Order characters expire, and will be playing my Destro account instead. I’m keeping things VERY loose right now, and don’t have any strong desire to play MMOs.

By the same token, my curiosity about other MMOs is perking up too. Not out of any serious desire to play one, but more out of a desire to see how the game are doing, particularly ones that have been around for a while, or done a major overhaul recently. For instance, Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings, and Aion (yes, that korean grind-fest). Then there’s the child in me, squeeling with joy that Lego-universe is coming out, and he wants to play it, NOW. Cap it all off with Perpetuum just releasing their open BETA, and I have a whole lot of MMOs that I don’t want to play for any considerable amount of time, but that I want to take a peak, and tinker under the hood.

Still, my hands are twitching to paint, and that’s what I want to do more than anything else right now. So, if my topics start to veer into miniatures, single-player games, and other MMOs: don’t be surprised.


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6 Responses to State of MY gaming

  1. Pre says:

    Games are about enjoying our free time. I’ve been wandering off the WAR path a bit lately to, mostly with the original Starcraft & Brood War expansion alternating with a second play through of SC2 (picking up a few achievements, switching up my narrative and research choices, etc.). The story is of course a big part of that choice, and seeing the whole thing played through again has been great. A good substitute for all of the movies I’m not getting to go see these days. lol

    Like you I’m also a parent and “my time” is so limited that it’s a big decision for me every time I get some time to do something fun, just what shape that fun will take. One of my goals is to NOT get burnt out on playing WAR, and sometimes that means not playing WAR. With 1.4 on the way it’s a good time to wander off the path a bit anyway. Lots of people are taking time off right now.

    It’s fun to do something different, and it definitely helps recharge the batteries for when we’ll want to play WAR again (esp. after the patch). Now if I could just figure out how to tack 6 more hours onto each day so I can get all of the parenting, playing and sleeping in that I want, life would be grand indeed.

  2. theerivs says:

    I’m curious about Age of Conan myself.

    Wait Tau Army? That’s Crap. Throw them out, and go get a Chaos Space Marines army. DO IT NOW!

    Blood for the Blood God!!! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

    • shadowwar says:

      When I started playing, one of the guys in my group of friends was all chaos (Khorne primarily). I went Tyranids, because the other friend jumped the gun on me for Tau (we were both mech fans). So, when he stopped playing, I started getting Tau with a smattering of Daemonhunters.

      Face it, I’m the yin to your yang.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Short of being forced to do an Ambush map, Tau will destroy everything.

        I loved my Tau. Maybe it’s time to start painting again. I’ve had an itch to my models up in celebration for the coming of DM.

  3. krosuss says:

    Beware those Eggplant Wizards … those bastards are evil!

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