Furthering the hate

I want to continue the topic started yesterday by Werit, the enemies you love to hate. I have many, in fact, I hate every enemy I face as I send arrows at their face. However, some stand above the rest, holding a special place of simmering anger deep in cockles of my heart. These are the fiends that strike a place within me that can only be quenched with bloody satisfaction. So continue on dear reader, and see what moves this Shadow Warrior into muttering frustration and grumbled explicatives.

Witch Elves

I have tools that are great for handling you. However, your scantily clad curves are a lie, and make me wonder how in hell you could ever hide in plain sight in front of a line of military men, and I’m continually amazed at your ability to disappear while arrows jut out of you from many angles, dripping blood. It just wouldn’t happen. The good among you kill me before I’m able to stand up again, the poor among you charge me indiscrimanently, and die horribly because of it.


I hope Tzeentch removes his gift from you and all you’re left with is a useless stump on your shoulder, no longer fit for even a traditional embrace, much less the ones you give me from 500 feet away.


When you’re wearing a shield, I know you are better left to just ignore from a distance. Impossible to kill, you roam the battlefield, looking for the next target who has no support to kill. You’re like a mosquito who, given enough time, can drain an elephant of this blood.

Squig Herders

You are my mirror, only with more tools, more damage, and smaller screen presence. In what world is an elf a worse bowman than a mushroom?


You are the bane of my existence. Every time I shoot you, you’ll probably just run around on your short fungus legs even faster. Every crippling shot I aim your way is nullified and you just become healthier as a result. My only prayer to ever see your vegetative corpse on the ground is with perfect coordination and an alignment of stars. Your stature does not fool me, you are the reason greenskins need to be cleansed from reality.

Oh, and before I foget:


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3 Responses to Furthering the hate

  1. skarbd says:

    I really know how you feel. Are you sure you haven’t been reading my thoughts recently?

  2. Chobie says:

    Oi! Why is it dat all ya spikey ears ‘ate us fixas. We jest wants sum shineez ‘nd stuntie beards for me boss. WAAAGH

  3. Rikker says:

    Heh, nice post.

    From the other side…

    As a squishy healer… Shadow Warriors hold a special place in my heart for their ability to silence, debuff, and dot myself and my targets from ridiculous distances.
    I took pride in soloing one in the lakes, only to be completely annihilated by another -.-

    Right next to them? Witch hunters. Anything with a pistol and rapier, and a funny hat and pointy shoulders needs to DIE a horrible, horrible death, so they can’t knock me down and kill me before I stand…


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