Knowing the basics

Tobold fails to understand how EVE works. He played tried halfheartedly logged into it, so he knows all the implications of the recent devblog.

EVE is FULL of PvE. It’s rife with it. You can’t take a jump without running into it. Everywhere you go in EVE you are surrounded by potential PvE interactions. Even in the lowest of low-sec space, PvE is all around you. The kicker is: it’s completely interwoven with PvP, yes even in high-sec empire space.

“Dungeons” already exist in EVE. Every mission (quest) you get from an agent (NPC) spawns a dungeon. Until you start that quest, it did not have en existence. Out in some random far off place that no one would ever go to, objectives, NPC enemies, and intractable objects are generated, except, now anyone with a sensor can track it down too. In EVE “Dungeons” aren’t instanced, the whole world can find them if they’re looking. That’s what makes PvE in EVE both relatively safe, and also potentially dangerous. There’s also no rule to how many people you HAVE to take to these “dungeons”. Some level missions can be easily done solo, others can be done in seconds if you bring a friend. The decision on how to best achieve completion is left to the player.

But hey, I can’t blame a guy for wanting to try to tweak the noses of people who vehemently disagree with him. I can blame him for being completely un-knowledgeable about what he’s speaking, when he should know better.

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