You dirty rat

Bootae’s been turned to the dark side.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but he has been converted to a happy rainbow of optimistic expectation as it comes to the skaven.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he has gone from concerned to expectant, and dammit, this is the internetz! I will exaggerate, pontificate, and wildly gesticulate (verbally speaking) to strengthen my points, no matter how poorly my actions reflect reality. As I said before, I was overall underwhelmed by the Skaven news. I think I’m going to expand upon that a bit more, so, follow the jump.


I’m frequently sarcastic here, but keep in mind, all my reactions are based on what we currently know. Things can and probably will change that could dramatically shift my opinion.

My biggest issue with Skaven is that there will be no independent progression. While Bootae sees this as a good thing, being something that will let slackers like him and Werit spend time gaining the renown cap, I see it in an entirely different light. As slow of a leveler as I am compared to a lot of my guild, I still think that I’m a bit more of a middle of the road type. I know a lot of consistent players that hit 80 before me, as well as a lot that haven’t. So based on my purely self-serving anecdotal evidence, I proclaim myself a good standard of typical advancement time (please ignore that I have an RR74 as well please, k-thx). When I heard that Skaven  were going to be a playable race, I was really hoping for a chance at progressing and BEING a Skaven. Instead, what we have is a temporary change as we rent out their services. Instead of players getting to experience life as a rat-man, and immerse themselves into the reality of that character, they get a fleeting experience of semi-permanence.

The second issue with me, is a bit more difficult to put concisely into words. The Skaven system lacks player personalization. There are four static choices, that so far have set abilities and functions, and that leaves each player behind the same rat-incarnation identical to the one standing next to them. A pat of me gets this, thematically. Skaven are (as I understand them) the swarm, the zerg, so to speak. A hive-mind type race that does not have much in the way of individuality, particularly at the lower spectrum. So, conceptually, it makes sense if all of these rats on the field are virtually identical because of that. They aren’t a race like Empire where careers like the Bright Wizard all have the same function, but can go about it in drastically different ways (blow up one thing REAL fast, or blow up EVERYTHING fast). Still, I, and I know others, like to be different, and stand out, or separate in some way. The forced homogeny of the rat-skins takes away from individuality and the chance to really make the Skaven your own.

Don’t think I’m all negative on this though. I like the idea of what it is the skaven are going to do. Specialized ORvR fighters, whose primary function is to aid in the capture of keeps and objectives. I think that the new ORvR layout is going to need this type of thing to make the fights more diverse and dynamic. So through the lens of those changes, I look forward to the Skaven, but through the lens of someone who wanted to “play” as Skaven, I’m left wanting.

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4 Responses to You dirty rat

  1. Bootae says:

    Darth Bootae reporting in.

    Funny thing is I completely agree and emphasise with your viewpoint, yet I am still happy about. And I really wasn’t expecting that, I’m normally quite clear in what I want is what I want, and I wanted a Skaven character to develop and level.

    I think if I didn’t have so many damn alts then perhaps I would be grumbling, but I do have those alts and since GDUK, everytime I log in and see that wall of level 40 characters, I think yeah, Skaven, done the right way for me…

    I do wonder if there will be any customisation options though. Appearance, etc. How will our stats contribute, if at all? Also will people play as groups/warbands of Skaven?

    Still so much to find out.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, like my giant caveat, there’s a lot to be relayed still. I really want to have the choice of commitment to play a skaven if I want to, not as some third-string filler, but to get the entire experience that was possible.

  2. Mr Meh says:

    I knew we couldn’t trust Bootae. 🙂

  3. krosuss says:

    I think your reaction will be the overwhelming consensus … people wanted to “play” Skaven, not rent them for a brief time. I’ll leave the lore stuff out for now. Mythic has changed gears before and perhaps this is an experiment to see how many people are actually interested in Skaven before they invest time in building a whole new race out. And the way they are implemented could lend to an addition of a Skaven army with other classes that would not conflict with the four being presented for 1.4.

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