Fitting in

This is the stuff I look at every day.

In the space of EVE, how you fit your ship is one of the most important decisions you will make every time you undock from a station. The only thing that I can think of that holds the same level of importance, decision-wise, is what comes immediately before that, figuring out what you want to do. When you look at the blank slate of  a ship, with all its various options open to you, deciding what you want to install is like deciding what career you want to play. Deciding what quality of fitting you want to use, is like deciding if you want to run around with greens or mythicals, except anything is available for a price.

Just recently I discovered how much of a difference using the more advanced versions of items can make. For instance, the standard missile launcher has a reload time of 15.0 seconds. That means that each launcher takes 15 seconds to fire off a missile, think of it like a cast time. That’s a LONG time. You can reduce that number with skills, but that will only take you so far, after that, you look to other avenues. For each standard fitting in the game, there exists a host of various “named” versions, slightly modified, having some different requirements (better or worse), and different stats. To stick with the example, there’s a “Limos” version of missile launchers, and the small-sized one drops the reload time down to 13.5 seconds. Second and a half isn’t huge, but it’s substantial, when you’re launching 4+ volleys with each salvo, that adds up. However, less is always better, and for myself, my skills let me bring that down to ~11 seconds. That’s now 4 seconds less, that’s a 26% improvement! Fairly significant, but more is better.

Beyond skills, and improved launchers, each ship can install rigs. I didn’t truly grok how significant rigs can be to a ship. How utterly drastic of an improvement they can make. For instance, on my Rifter, one rig installed was able to increase my important HP pool by 15%. On my above mentioned missile launchers, installing two rigs were able to shave off a second each to my reload time, bringing me down to just under 9 seconds. Bringing down from 15 to 9 is a 40% improvement, that’s huge. I’m sure I could push it further, by using even more advanced installments, but money is tight, and I’m happy with the benefit I got out of the cost I put in, plus there’s always more skills to train to push the benefits even farther.

Thinking about stuff like this, just shows me the depth and complexity of one aspect of the game, and it’s like this with everything. Losing yourself in theorycraft and planning can happen easily, especially with tools like EFT and EVEmon.

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