European Colleagues

In case you weren’t paying attention, this last weekend, Games Workshop held their Gamesday event in the UK. Those WAR fans out there should take special note of this, because Andy Belford flew over there to take part in the event and to reveal gobs of information to the fans, and our great Euro Bloggers were there to get all the information.

  • Start with WarAura, which has an amazing write-up conglomeration of a mass of info.
  • Then head to Bruglir’s Blog, who has a similar write-up, with his own twist.
  • Later on, head to Bootae’s Bloody Blog, who supposedly will have something up, eventually. Until then, check out his pretty pictures!
  • The Price of Wargh! already has some commentary and responses to the news. Find out why he is underwhelmed.
  • Werit, in his typical freakishly-early morning post schedule, talks briefly about the Skaven.
  • Skar gives Mythic props for their willingness to change things, but is dubious about the direction micro-transactions may take WAR.

It’s early still, and I expect a lot more to come from the WAR blog community as well as maybe a few chirps here and there from those who pay attention to MMOs in general. Oh, wait, you want MY commentary and thoughts on all these announced changes so far? Well, golly gee-wilikers, follow the jump, and you may just get it.

There was a lot announced at Gamesday, and it’s a lot to take in. Some people may find the news about Skaven to be the sexy slice of meat they can really sink their teeth into. For me however, I find it kind of underwhelming. I was really hopping for a separate entity to play outside of my character. The description so far makes it sound like a more diverse version of vehicles from WoW, or arena pets from EQ2 (who else remembers those?). Somewhat interesting, but seemingly lacking in the progression and personalization that I wanted out of the system. And none of that even mentions how jarring it seems to me to see Skaven working WITH Dwarves. I can understand both groups hitting a same target out of personal desires, but working in unison seems, well, wrong to me. Still, this is all based on very early information, so going to far into the pool of judgement is premature and hasty.

On the positive side, the changes to ORvR are what really had me perking up with anticipation. To me, the campaign and scenarios are the heart of the game. It’s what we are there to play. It’s our goal, our activity, our reason for logging in. So when that changes, in any form, the game as a whole changes. Whether I’m playing it as Order, Destro, or some strange walking rodent, I’m there for the campaign and the fight.

When I look at these changes to zone capture, I can’t help but be overjoyed. It sounds a bit complicated at first, but in reality, it’s terrifyingly simple. They kept it simple. The goal: capture the enemy keep. It’s simple as that. You get it, and you win. Simple goals are the best, the old convoluted and arcane system of calculating points based on some value of wins and losses, with variables and decay was far too out of common sense to make it accessible. Taking the other guys ball, and kicking him off the field is something everyone can relate to. And while the goal redesign may be the cake, the little tweaks and details are the icing. I absolutely love when genres incorporate tropes and ideas from other genres, and for myself, the idea of resource collection based on controlling objectives seems like a play taken straight from the Dawn of War series (RTS genre). It blends this amazing battlefield warfront game with individual players killing each other. It gives the appearance of playing a single unit in an RTS game, which is what WAR is about. Being a unit in the army of your race. The flying mounts, and the upgrades to siege weapons are all well and good, and things I adore, but beefing up the play of the game and making it feel more true to the idea that we have when coming to the game, that’s what makes the experience. So yeah, I look forward to what’s to come, and will be keeping my eye on the herald for every dribble of information I can get.

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4 Responses to European Colleagues

  1. Erbse says:

    The problem I currently see with the RvR changes, while great in a vacuum, will be heavily reliant on numbers. Numbers most US servers can no longer provide in their current stage with the exception of Badlands, who might as well can be considered the only real US server these changes would do great for – while also being the example of when Mythic can no longer provide a working gaming environment (lag / crashes).

    Looking at Gorfang in its current stage and the fact that there’s still 3 RvR lakes active at a time there’s just no guarantee you’d find some epic battles, as there is plenty of room to RvE away in a different lake. Of course one can expect a fair share of players returning, hopefully anyway, but even Gorfang in its best days may not hold enough numbers to truly make things as epic as they could be.

    Skaven I never really cared about, nor do now, so I guess they’re fine, moving on. The RvR changes seem superb to me, as stated above however the game’s current health may not be able to support it, either due to underpopulated server or servers not being able to hold the amount of people needed to make it epic. Still, just by the information given War has improved tenfold overnight.

    • shadowwar says:

      I disagree on their being a greater reliance on numbers.

      As always, more people will make it more fun, but to advance the campaign, there is no greater need on huge masses of people than previously. Instead, it can be advanced more assuredly on a more predictible path, giving reason to stay in one place. Instead of hoping between zones because there are no more objectives to pursue.

      All that is needed, is the ability to capture BOs. A group, left unmolested, could flip a zone. Hell, given enough time, my Knight could take a zone if no opposition was around. It would take a while to solo each BO, and be boring as hell, but it’s possible.

      As for the numbers thing, Gorfang seems like it’s doing better of late. I am getting constant scenario pops, and it’s rare that I can’t find an enemy in a lake.

      • Erbse says:

        I didn’t mean to say the system required reliance on big numbers, but that’s certainly where the fun would originate from. Needless to say that RvE pushes will be even easier they’re now and take place faster rather than a 2hr keep timer snooze fest.

        However, that’s exactly it. Currently people cry about timers, while in the future the level of fun and gameplay will completely be in the player’s hands. This system will only reach a level of epic if there’s actual a fair share of numbers in the lake, especially since the lake size isn’t being altered. Given that the real fun starts with 48 v 48 and above (whether or not they run as individual 6 man or not doesn’t matter) while everything beneath may be quite lame or not necessarily more fun it currently is. Then however you can expect the freebie pushes as salvation instead of a 2hr downtime while everyone takes a nap.

        Undoubtedly Gorfang is doing better it used to, currently anyway, still given that even Badlands merely scratches what is standard on the EU servers I can only hope for some US / EU merges to truly make sure that War is everywhere, and at all times. Don’t get me wrong however, I love the changes, the current game population issues leave a bitter taste in my mouth though, unfortunately.

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