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(left to right) Nate Levy, James Casey, Mike Wyatt, Steven Engle, James Nichols (thanks to GG for the photo)

As you are all aware, last week was GamesCom in Cologne, and there our much-loved Warhammer made some announcements and initial reviews. The weekend we just had Gamesday Baltimore, where more of the developers from Warhammer fielded questions from players and bloggers. There are incredibly mixed reactions all around from the community it seems, as expectations were higher on the meat of the delivered information (myself included). The variance I believe, comes in that, as players, we’re more used to hearing about an expansion being announced, and having some type of page to find all the details and information about it. That’s not as likely to happen with the upcoming “packs”. It reinforces in my mind, that these are being treated more like DLC items that supplement gameplay more than change gameplay. That’s not an entirely a bad thing, and some of the things that were said in various places really makes me pleased with the overall outlook the team has design wise.

So, with no further ado, I’m going to throw a bunch of links at you to read.

It seems that, while a few more tidbits of info was released, the full meat of the package is still being held back. I’m of mixed feelings on this myself. I know it’s not a full expansion, but it’s still the biggest chunk of meaningful content since LotD hit, so most of us expect the core of what’s going to happen to be made clear. For Bioware Mythic to announce a clarion call, to trumpet as the basis for this entire endeavor. The studio is being cautious, in there need to not overblown expectations, and fighting the constant struggle to distance themselves from the hype-machine stigma they had with the launch of the game, they are being tight-lipped and overly cautious, even when making announcements.

I would have liked to have heard more concrete news, more real information spread. Maybe it will come this week as interviews start to make their way up through various gaming sites, and as we see more and more of the blogger interviews. I hope so, and I’ll say, I think the passion and vigor with which the community is clamoring for information says a lot about the players of the game. They love it, and want more, and demand more, when they receive a taste, they want to take a bite.

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4 Responses to From the bullpen

  1. skarbd says:

    It would be nice to see some of the bloggers who are close to Mythic being allowed to break some real news. As a player myself, it’s the other blogger sites I read to get the real deal. Not paper based magazines or other general gaming websites.

    It’s time that the relationship was evened up a bit, because there are some very good bloggers out there pressing the electronic flesh on behalf on Warhammer / Mythic.

    Maybe they’ve been given some real dirt, which they’ll be allowed to give out closer to the date.

    • shadowwar says:

      That’s really where my hope lies as well. However, I understand that the WAR blogging community, while one of the strongest out there for MMOs, isn’t something that reaches the largest portion of the playerbase like magazines and established gaming sites do.

  2. krosuss says:

    Oh, Mythic does like to tease. 🙂

  3. Steven says:

    Wow, it looks like I have a bald spot on top. I can’t wait for my hair to regrow!

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