Chill out!

We don’t really know anything yet.

Jesus Christ Almighty, a 237-word blurb about hints of what’s to come is throwing people into a tizzy. Chill out, and wait for all the news before getting those ropes and stakes ready.

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6 Responses to Chill out!

  1. helltrek says:

    lol, agreed. I was just reading your posts on the forums. I try to do my best to just skim through topics like that. It just makes me angry at how childish 95% the forum is. Make ONE small change or don’t say EXACTLY what they want “OMFG WTF IM QUITING”. ok. . . please? sigh


    I think some of it has to do with what i call the “Christmas Effect.” You wait six months to get that cool new toy you want and after tearing through all the presents under the tree its no where to be found. It doesn’t matter what other cool stuff you ended up getting, your mind is fixated on the fact that you didn’t get the one toy you had your heart set on. That’s not to say that we one get what ever cool toy we were individually and collectively hoping for, but what they did today feels a little like postponing Christmas. I feel like I woke up this morning with a big wall with a tiny window around my Christmas Tree. I will try to remain positive but the only thing that sticks with me is hearing about this big announcement at Gamescom, only to find out the announcement was “We’ll tell you later.”

    Maybe if I celebrated Hanukkah, I wouldn’t feel so let down about the slow trickle of info. Sorry for the long reply.

  3. Xyris says:

    Mythic is handling this all very poorly. I’m not up in arms about it, but honestly, after five months of hyping 1.4 up in producers letters and interviews, breaking the news to the community through a small and poorly written interview article would seem like an odd choice.

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s important to remember how this stuff works.

      Development Studio does an interview with media outlet “X”. Said outlet then usually transcribes, reviews and writes an article on said interview. From there, it goes to editors and a other people to make sure it’s okay to go up, and then… it goes up.

      Once a studio is done with the interview, they’re done with the interview. They don’t get to tell another organization how and when to do it’s job. So saying that “Mythic broke the news poorly” is not relating the story as it really goes. broke the story throug a small and poorly written interview.

      That said, this is why you see a lot of companies just releasing big news themselves, and then giving lots of interviews for details.

      • Xyris says:

        That’s exactly my point. They should have broke the news themselves. For example, not too long ago I was following The Secret World before they made a ‘big announcement’ (I think it was around E3?). Anyway, leading up to the announcement they gave a press conference and interviews to media outlets, but made them agree to non-disclosure until the announcement was made by the game developers themselves later in the week.

        That way, the official announcement came out and on the same day the gaming sites released their well edited and prepared articles about it. It was all handled very well.

        This, on the other hand, is typical Mythic bungling. I love WAR and I respect Mythic for the games they make, but PR is not their strong suit.

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