Hold on, let me test that

Friendly Player Collision (FPC) is remaining for now.

Good news for me as I go off into the weekend. I’m rarely a fan of big, last-minute changes, and this definitely qualified on both accounts. The adjustment that a change like this would have on the game as a whole is extremely far-reaching. More so than upping the resist cap, and that’s not something they’re eager to do without a lot of consideration first. So, if for no other reason, we should all be happy that Mythic heard the playerbase, and recognizes how big this really would be to the game, and have decided to give it more time.

The way I see it, is that removing it would be like a social entitlement program (think Social Security in the states). Once it’s there, it’s as close to impossible to reverse as to not matter, and a lot of people demand it, but in the long run, there can be some very bad side effects. It should not be something done lightly or with a minimum of testing. Seeing the company take this change seriously speaks volumes of them being thoughtful and considerate (the literal translation, not the “that’s so nice-of” type).


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