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6 Responses to Hacks, and games

  1. Attic says:

    Blizzard’s security concerns are highly suspect. It’s obnoxious how they try to dodge all responsibility for account hacking while simultaneously trying to profit off it by pushing their authenticators on customers who’ve been hacked. If anything I find it even more egregious than the transparent greed they displayed with the whole sparkly flying pony thing.

    But enough of my contempt for WoW. If you’re still on your casual PvE kick come the fall I urge you to try out LotRO once it goes F2P. The lowbie zones are really great if you have any love for Middle-Earth (I assume the later ones are as well, but see the following run on sentences). The Shire especially is a real joy to go through, doubly so during festivals. Even though I always find myself burning out once I hit level 20 and hit the interminable stretch of the Lone Lands/North Downs the trip there is enjoyable enough way to waste a few hours that I’ve gotten almost every class to 25-ish by now.

    • shadowwar says:

      I’m sure I’ll give it a whirl come F2P time. I was impressed as hell on most levels by the game way back when I did a trial of it. The only downside was the god-awful ugly UI they had.

      • Attic says:

        I can certainly sympathize, the horrible UI (coupled with having to spend two hours wrangling with various installers because the trial installer kept hanging on me) is one of the main reasons why I couldn’t stomach EQ2 for more than the half hour I gave it a few months ago. The other big one being the alternatively horrendous/hilariously bad character models.

      • shadowwar says:

        I always liked the models of EQ2 for the most part. The humans faces were a bit off, but other than that, seemed pretty good for the most part. The SOGA (i.e. Korean) models I really disliked with a passion. The Kerra, ratonga, and froglock races being non-standard humanoid facial features were particularly good.

      • Attic says:

        Well, I have two habits that bit me in the ass when it came to EQ2 character models. #1 I like dwarfs and EQ2 dwarfs suffer from a lack of awesome beard/tattoo options. After mucking about with it for a little while I decided to try to move on to my 2nd habitual character type: chicks. And even though I can’t recall the specifics about how they looked anymore I do recall reactions that varied between amusement, horror, and confusion. Also, I could never figure out why all the monstrous evil races looked so lumpy.

        Though I did eventually find that the alternate male ogre (I think) models were pretty badass, looking like a mixture of the hulk and some sort of palette swapped oni. Then was immediately disheartened to find out that they couldn’t Swashbuckle. So I just rolled up a generic dude instead. After that the final straws on the camels back were the pathetically tiny, ugly, unintuitive, and uninformative UI (HOW I EQUIP DAGGAR?) coupled with the poor voice acting/unholy screeching of some fairy NPC. I shanked a few goblins and wolves and never went back.

  2. theerivs says:

    God I hate LOTRO, it bored me to tears.

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