August needs to conclude

It’s only the beginning of the month, and already, I want it to be over. Between all the changes coming with 1.3.6 and all the other things being discussed, I’ve got a head full of changes and not a lot of pay-off as of yet. I’m seeing potential new things that I really like (and want to talk about, but can’t), and more importantly, I want to play those things. On top of that, we have all the teasing and the hints, and the clues, and the innuendo about a big announcement going on with Warhammer this month in Baltimore and Cologne, that I’ve reached a saturation point. I’m becoming ambivalent towards anything new. I’m staying off twitter because I’m just in overload.

I want to stay on edge, but the constant stress has made me dull. I talked about the possibility of it happening in an earlier post, and it may be that the level of interest I’ve put into the game has caused it too happen sooner than normal, or perhaps I just want it too much. I think good things are coming, and soon, (weeks) for the game, and that a firestorm will come out of there. However, right now, at this moment, my drive is tiny. The game has its two-year anniversary coming up in 6 short weeks, and I would be avoiding the truth if I didn’t say that was a critical date that will draw a lot of attention. It will be a great launching point for something to go along with whatever it is they announce this month, or it will be a date of complaint for people outside to point to as proof of failure. That second group is probably going to do so either way.

Eh, maybe I just feel like things take too long to happen in the game industry. It feels like some things are able to happen lightning fast, but others require an act of Congress to get through. I just know that where before, I was eager, and excited, I’m now somewhat indifferent. I want to be excited again, but without something concrete, I can’t bring myself to be. As much as 1.3.6 is a great update, and will do a lot for the game, it’s rehashing and refining what I have been doing for the past 23 months.

How are you feeling? Have the hints you’ve heard been teasing you for too long? Are you still kindling that fiery inferno of passion for updates and information? Has your interest waned and you just take each day as it comes?


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9 Responses to August needs to conclude

  1. Wasdstomp says:

    I feel your pain. It seems like it has been months that we have been talking about 1.3.6, and it still isn’t even officially live. Carrie also hinted that the next patch is 1.4. You know the one everyone is expecting to bring back millions of players to the game, but expect it to be longer than a normal patch cycle. If you follow that guideline than 1.4 might not be until next spring, and by that time it may be too late with SWTOR, and Cataclysm both probably being out.

    • shadowwar says:

      I don’t really care much about how the game does in relation to other games, I should make that clear. Any issue I have is totally with how the game pertains to me. I’m selfish that way. Additionally, I still love the game, what I’m trying to get across here is that the constant message of “News is on the way” is a hard one to deliver over a long period of time. It doesn’t take long for it to lose it’s meaning and for people to lose attention.

  2. Jomu says:

    i feel so bored with the lack of available games.. i don’t want august to fly by (vacay next week woo!), but i can’t wait for the fall to explode with tons of new tasty games 😀

  3. skarbd says:

    Honestly I feel things are going along okay. Yes, we need to hear the annoucement, which I hope will shake things up and put Warhammer back on the front page for a while, but game wise I’m happy.
    Probably since I’m not playing as much as I would like, it’s keeping me eager to play.

  4. Rikker says:

    Well, in some ways, yes, the hints are too much, and in some ways no.

    I’m not looking forward to the next patch, as while I know great things will happen for ORVR, my beloved Zealots are going to be getting a swift kick in the head.

    That said I’m a fairly “casual” gamer. Yes, I like running in organized guild/alliance warbands, quick, tight LV or VL clears, etc… but I’m not too invested in it. No matter what, barring some new amazing game coming out (40k?)… I’ll be around, as it still remains fun to me, even if I just jump in and get into some Scenarios, or run in some open RVR for an hour. After I get to RR80 and all geared out, then I’ll see where I stand, but for now it’s enjoyable, so I’m willing to wait.

  5. Mr. Meh says:

    I honestly just saw words printed on boobies and skipped right to the comments.

    I think I fall 1 day at a time. I’m not overloaded as I’m not really expecting that grand of change to be announced in hopes that I am wrong. I take it as it comes …. Making obnoxious bloggings along the way.

    • shadowwar says:

      BTW, stay off my SW! In Nordenwatch, I started seeing my health drop, and thought to myself, “What the hell is causing this?” Then my brain recognized the DoK standing on my toes, and it was YOU.

  6. Erbse says:

    Indifferent, as accurate it could be. Granted, I’ve learned it rather fast and have not truly been excited about patches and content updates anymore for the last 8 years in regards to all games I’ve played. Excitement is usually the best recipe to end up disappointed, dependent on ones standards anyway.

    I have the option of going to the GamesCon as it’s merely one hour away, in addition, as student it’d only cost me 7 bucks to get in there, honestly however, since I been on the GC in Leipzig in 09 I lost my faith in gaming get together events for the exception of the E3. Reason for that is simple, the E3 actually provides information while everything else is hype and party party.

    While I spend the past weeks leveling my Magus it’s just that. Same ol’ grind, same city, same LV, same LotD, same Tovl, same everything but a different skinned toon. Unfortunately not even much more powerful, if at all 😀

    Despite worshiping Tera, sort of, I was lucky enough to get a FF14 beta account. Beta 3 is scheduled for mid of August and I’m kind of excited to see how the game will fare. Warhammer has reached a level monotone for me that I couldn’t care less whether or not it becomes the worlds best / greatest MMO tomorrow or dies.

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