Writer’s Block, I has it



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5 Responses to Writer’s Block, I has it

  1. Ysharros says:

    Drafts are for WIMPS!

    More to the point, whenever I start a draft I invariably forget about it for months until I’m bumbling through the posts list (doesn’t happen often) and go “Oh look, there’s a draft! wonder that that one was about!”

    Alternately you could say you’re pioneering minimalist blogging. That drafts list is like a capsule of what’s been going on in the last month. 😉

    • shadowwar says:

      I almost never use drafts, as in, not ever having even one. But for some reason I have 6 in the chamber right now. One of which would be totally late to the game (the EVE primae one), but the rest could be released whenever, if I can just get me head into them and figure out what the hell to do with them.

  2. Canazza says:

    I know how you feel. I have something similar. I even have one from last year about how I never finished my book for NaNoWriMo. An unfinished blog post about not finishing a book.

  3. Rer says:

    I just got around to finishing my last draft, as seen on Multiplying.net! *Confetti*

    But alas, not I have no idea what to write about… I “could” write about Starcraft II, but that’s extremely unoriginal and I have nothing to really add to the conversation.

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