Information, leave the creativity at the door

I’ve been out of the loop of sorts of the goings-ons, while pounding my skull against a wall trying to wiggle free any tidbits of creativity that may be left shaking in my over-sized brain-holder-thing. While that’s been happening, a lot of things went down, that I was totally unable to participate in.

The two biggies: PTS stress test  and the Producer’s Letter. For the interested, go here for the audio of the Q&A or here for the transcript. I’ll be cruising through it myself, as the 5 minutes I got to spend in the session didn’t reveal a lot. Additionally, another test will be held this week on Warpstone, dates and times to be posted on the herald, so stay tuned.

I neither made it to the test, or was able to read the letter until just moments ago. A sick 7 month old, and a doctor visit for said baby, dominated a large chunk of my time over the weekend. When I did have free time, I mostly played SC2. However, what I did read in the letter of the month, was both interesting and, at the same time, somewhat uninformative. Yes, some watermarks were met, as in, the reporting of the new forums, the re-statement of the upcoming patch, and the imminent return of the Wild Hunt live event. The big hunk of meaty goodness, for me, is the release of information about the new 6v6 scenario.

Outside of that one new ray of shining light, we have conjecture and teases. Mythic will have a presence at both Games Day: Baltimore and GamesCon: Cologne. As much as I want to get excited that this means new content, an expansion, or SOMETHING is being released, I’m not. I’m going to be brutally honest here: I’m keeping expectations low, that way, all surprises will be good.

Bah, I’m dragging myself down.

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