A bit more to chew on

In my previous post, I talked about the big career balance changes coming down the pipe, and a bit of my take on each of the changes and what my thoughts are on them. That beast of a post can be a lot to digest, so take your time, don’t rush it. When feeling overwhelmed, this post is here for you to add some diversity. Not a lot of diversity, as I’m still talking about the patch, but there will be more pictures, and it’s not all “ZOMG CLASS BALANCE!!1!!one!”. The big highlights are Against All Odds, Armor Appearance, Split Sovereign Sets. A side of “no more mods using /assist” and more scenario weapon art also served to wet our appetites. There was also the reveal of the unification of Warhammer into the BioWare social community, so you know, there’s that too.

Against All Odds is a very interesting change to the way that ORvR zones are going to work, and is another tool that is going to potentially speed up renown gain by a major magnitude, and rightfully so. It’s pretty simple when boiled down to its base functionality. When more of the enemy is in a lake than your side has, you get more renown. It’s a direct multiplier based on the differences between the too, up to a maximum of 400% more renown (x4) when outnumbered 4:1. If you haven’t read the notes, you might initially be skeptical given the infamously popular mail-box brigade, but don’t worry too much. Getting zone flip rewards require actually being in the renown lake or a scenario within the previous 5 minutes. No more /afk’ers mooching rewards. All those zerg of freenowners will be artificially pumping up the enemy’s numbers. Inter-realm drama incoming! 

Armor appearance is one of those things, that, while I have had virtually zero interest in, is something I know a lot of people have been eager for. Particularly if it meant the release of the new armor designs that were proposed so long ago. I don’t see anywhere in the notes where they specifically mention that those new models have been released, but the system is in place at least to make the option of using them palatable. Personally, the SW looks completely awesome in full Sovereign, which is what I’ll probably be wearing come patch-day. Who can pass up that quiver? However, in addition to these new appearances, we see the release of new models for the insignia weapons of the various races.  Here are the new High Elf royal insignia weapons. 

Shadow Warrior's Bow


White Lion's Axe


Swordmater's Shield


Swordmaster's Two-hander


Archmage's Staff


The split sovereign sets is probably the meatiest hunk of sexitude of the notes, with plenty of information on set bonuses for each. It’s the wet-dream of the number-cruncher, specialization is pushed to the extreme, and careers are almost completely redefined entirely by this alone. Marauders are reportedly unkillable, and DoKs are more ridiculously strong than ever before. This may sound like a bad thing, but I’m all for RR80s being nigh-demigods. The difference in time it takes to get to RR40 and RR80 is insane. There should be a reward for that. I will say, after all this, my interest has been renewed greatly in getting my Shadow Warrior to RR80, more-so than my Knight, who is about 800k renown shy of finishing the trip. 

Edit: BTW, image formating in WordPress can suck my left nut.


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8 Responses to A bit more to chew on

  1. onekitty21 says:

    chewy would love to use them on my ex :))

  2. Pip says:

    “I’m all for RR80s being nigh-demigods. The difference in time it takes to get to RR40 and RR80 is insane. There should be a reward for that.”

    The problem with that is that when demigods fight against ordinary mortals, it’s not much fun for the mortals. Your statement is about as appropriate as saying that it takes a lot longer to get to Rank 40 than it does to Rank 10, so fresh 40s deserve the right to go and obliterate Tier 1 characters at will.

    Yes, there should be some reward for achieving RR80, but the RR gap is ruining the game for a lot of players in Tier 4.

    • Rikker says:

      Understandable, but all that says to me is “create a cutoff point… say, 55?”
      instead of “nobody gets anything cooler” (for the record, no I do not have an 80).

    • shadowwar says:

      R40s do deserve the right to be able obliterate level 10 characters. I’m always amused when I see a level 16 or so character wandering in Chaos Wastes. I quickly vaporized them on sight. If the argument is that there needs to be a seperation between the two in any type of organized, limited combat, that’s a different conversation altogether. Still, I’d think I shuold point out that the time it takes to get from to 40 from level 10 is a faction of what it takes to go from RR30 to RR80. When you reach RR70, you’re numerically half way through, but are statisically much more than half as powerful.

      And for the record, I do not have an RR80.

  3. Pip says:

    I don’t really think that it is a different conversation. If a Rank 16 is out wandering in a T4 zone, then by all means cream him and send him back to T2. A RR40, on the other hand, has no where to go and no one else to fight.

    I fully support the sovereign set changes. More stuff like that is needed to keep the endgame players motivated and engaged. But, you have to admit that buffing a striation of players who are already incredibly more powerful while doing nothing to buff their weaker targets isn’t going to improve game play for the larger share of characters who are in the RR30-RR55 range.

    Anyway, I’m not going to debate it here. You’ve got a good blog and I’ll not clutter it up any more than I already have. 🙂

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s not clutter. I like having the conversation. Hell, that’s half the reason I write, is to engage readers and hear what they have to say.

      I definitely agree that the sovereign gear is going to buff RR80s, and leave the lower tier players behind some. But I also think that’s a good thing. Of course, my perspective is that currently, RR80s don’t have a strong enoug advantage over lower RR players. As-is, if two smart ~rr60-70 players get on my RR78 Knight, I don’t stand much chance. My only hope is that they are terribly geared, completely uncoordinated, or poor players.

      Seriously consider this though:
      Take all the time spent getting to RR70.
      Now do that again.

      Congratulations, you’re RR80.

      I don’t think anyone is really arguing that there is a significant power differential between RR70 and 80.

      • Rikker says:

        I agree with that.

        As far as Scenarios go, I’d say it might not be a bad idea to separate at RR55 or so, but in RVR lakes, well… that’s the point of the lakes, isn’t it? To have WAR?

      • shadowwar says:

        Basically, yea. The lakes are a free for all. In every movie we’ve seen, there’s almost universally a pocket of a group of elites or one bad-ass walking through the fray destroying any body that approaches. The RR80s in full sovereign gear are those people. Noone else likes to accept that they’re the general fodder. 😉 That’s not to say you can’t compete, especially once you get a lot closer (like RR70), but it’s a good comparison.

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