Tales of Hate, Entry 10

Today is July 1, and I will be posting this on July 16, 2010, and will be the final post of the series for now.

Gorfang destro has seen a massive shift the last couple of weeks. Whereas before destro was always the underdog, fighting and scrapping for every win, of late, they have been the zerg. The force that runs over all opposition. They have been steaming down order, and breaking through the doors of Altdorf on a consistent basis. So frequent is this overwhelming assault, that the other day, order had three underdog points. Three! Obviously, my fun factor has dipped dramatically. I really enjoy being the underdog, and every time I log on Kaah to see a zerg, my desire to play vaporizes faster than an illegal alien outside an immigration office.

The class is still fun and interesting, and I think with more rank, gear, and maybe even a team to play with, he could be ridiculously nasty. A three-man assist train led by a Blackguard should bring the fear of God into the hearts of any target it falls upon. The kicker is that the career is getting some changes they have asked for. I like them sort of, but they are giving up a lot for it. They are getting a mirror of the Iron Breaker armor debuff, and the strength/willpower buff, but losing their disorient AND their morale stopper. Those are two biggies to say goodbye to, and it makes me sad. However, in the spirit of greater realm parity and similarity, it’s the right move.

As I said before, I’ve been keeping track of the wins and losses across scenarios that I played on my Blackguard. Over the last three weeks, I’ve notated the last 40 scenarios I went into. Of these 40, I walked out with a win of 24 and a loss of 16. That’s a pretty damn close ratio, and in my favor as well. I wanted to get more in depth as far as 500 point wins, wins of renown, and how many premades I faced off against, but I just didn’t have the time to do so. This series is going to start dropping in a matter of days, and I didn’t want to justify more time and push back the series. On the whole, before the recent surge, I’d say that Destro has been on even footing. It’s funny, because I remember when I started this, that so many players of my opposition constantly complained on the forums about being outnumbered, or the devastating affects that Order premades had on scenarios. Not once in my time playing my blackguard did I actually feel as if the sides were inequitable. I never had the sense of despondency that seemed to radiate off of some players. I had fun, and I did it all alone.

As of today, my Blackguard is renown rank 44. So, a progression of 11 renown ranks in about two months isn’t too shabby playing solo and uber-casual. Didn’t play every day, but I did play almost every week. I’m currently wearing a mix of Conqueror and Annihilator, and I need one piece of conqueror gear to finish my set of wards. I can ALMOST buy that last piece once I hit RR45. I’ve gotten all but one piece of Invader, and I’ve been lucky enough to win a piece of Warlord and Sovereign gear as well. I never spent much time in LotD so I never go the cloak and jewel set, but it was always on my “to do” list. Scenarios were just popping too much most of the time for me to ever make it out there.

For now, I think the Blackguard will be getting put on hold until Destro is on the downswing again. I don’t want to play there all the time when I’m about to be the underdog again as an Order player, that’s just an opportunity that’s too hard to pass up. Overall, this has been a great experience. I got to see how the side as a whole plays. I stayed quiet and observed, read the chatter, and just took in the experience of a solo player. It felt lonely at times, and I was actually sad for destro at times when their infighting, bickering, and obvious shared animosity interfered with their overall experience. At times, I was left wondering, why do so few guilds use the /t4 channel? Still, there were some good apples in the bunch, and some personable players who even my stoic shield of anti-social play couldn’t keep at bay.

So, to anyone who may have noticed Kaah on the battlefield, I hope his glaive was an asset, and maybe we’ll fight side by side again someday. Until then, I’ll be on the other side of the line.

Happy hunting.


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3 Responses to Tales of Hate, Entry 10

  1. Rikker says:

    It was cool to see the perspective of “the other side”, here.

    Having always played Destro myself, I have often wondered if there was actually a large personality change in Order vs. Destro players, or if, like always, it is pretty much individual, and your realm pride is what weighs in to bias you against “them”.

    Thanks for taking the time to write about it!

  2. Jomu says:

    i like being (& cheer for) the underdog too; when one side is too powerful its not fun

  3. Xylophone says:

    You might think you are going to cruise to RR55 – but a Challenger appears!

    Let’s see if we can flip that win/loss ratio for you. /waaaagh!

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