Tales of hate, entry 8

Today is June 14, I will be posting this on July 14, 2010.

After a couple of weeks of debate, I did decide to reactivate my Blackguard’s account and keep it active quasi-permanently. Meaning it may go forever, it may go till these posts start going live in July, or it may go until 1.3.6. Reasoning totally dependent on my mood, the tides, and whether my daughter laughs at my silly noises in the morning. Completely arbitrary. Still, I played a bit this weekend, and had a good time at it again. Kaah is firmly into RR41, and quickly making way to RR42. As usual, I was enjoying almost insta-pops the entire time I was playing him, but sadly, none of my guildies decided to commit in any serious fashion to their destros since everything in house has returned a happy equilibrium.

A new (or so old, I forgot it) and interesting experience was pushing zones to the city starting early in the AM. I wouldn’t call it fun per-se, but it was interesting. What intrigued me the most, was the behavior of the people I was zerging with. As I said before, I’m doing this whole thing completely unguilded, so I am going with the full experience of a friendless, unsupported, unknown nub. I make full use of all the systems in place to bridge the gap as much as possible. I make liberal use of open warbands to mooch as much healing as possible. I’ll frequently run into a lake, hit “L” and join the biggest warband I can. If they look like they’re doing something semi-productive, I’ll run over to them, and fight in their general direction/area.

Of course, I’ll be in queue for a SC.

Humorously, at one point I was in a scenario, and a glimpse of warband chat caught my eye. It was the warband leader, forcibly chatting, and making heavy use of the shift-key, explaining that people who are in scenarios, or not around, or whatever, will be booted from the warband. My immediate reaction was an overwhelming feeling of, “Yeah, and?”. It was an open warband. I didn’t go into it expecting coordination, vent, and high performance. I didn’t jump into your 22/24 man team thinking that my name would be remembered/remarked/noted/appreciated. I’m there to get a stray AoE heal from time to time.

This got me wondering if maybe people don’t really get the idea behind these open groups.The old paradigm of grouping and working together is so entrenched in so many long-time players, that they may not recognized the shift in player focus. Sure, all these people are working toward a somewhat similar goal (kill the other guy), but many of the details are sure to be WILDLY varied.

In my Order guild, we used to (and sometimes still do) open up our warband to the masses once our core groups are structured. We’ll put up vent if anyone wants to join in, but ask that everyone follow pretty much one rule: stay quiet.  Expect nothing of the zerg. That is the best way to come out of this type of play feeling happy, and rewarded. The main communication is going to be handled in region chat. Putting up the pre-made messages of “moving to such and such BO in zone x” is all the direction needed. Anything more complicated or detailed than that will be lost by the masses.

So, I had a good time, I jumped in and out of warbands in between doing SCs. I zerg-surfed my way into Keeps and Objectives, moving through zones to the final conclusion of attacking Altdorf. As a lowbie, I racked in serious renown, gobbling up points left and right. I participated in all the objectives, and had fun in general. In stage 3, I won a piece of sovereign, and laughed while some WE complained that us lowbies “stole” it from her. I didn’t care, I don’t get my underwear in a knot when it happens to my Knight, and I won’t care when the tables are reversed. It’s the way the game works. I’ll gladly stash that piece of Sovereign in hopes of a future when I get this alt that rank.


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