So, I reviewed the various entries over the weekend, and I have to say, there were some very cool ideas. There seemed to be a bit of a general consensus among the ideas I got on some basic things that everyone would like to have implemented. In general, players would like to see it as a more dynamic encounter, and function in a way that would put emphasis on players fighting each other. I think the new city system, and it’s success as it’s own instance gave a lot of people ideas of how to do it right. Suggestions ranged from King of the Hill style, to multiple objectives, and even into third faction NPC interference. So, that said, I’m going to pick one single idea that I think did the best job of suggesting a reasonable, practical way that incorporates forts back into game in a fun manner.

Anyway, the award goes to Boruk, from The Cogworks. His suggestion was probably the most unique of entries that I saw. His plan (highly paraphrased) was to have a multi-level fight, with switches in each tier that needed to be fought through by both sides to spawn the Keep lord on the third floor. The two sides would have to balance killing each other, and NPCs as they tried to lock each location. The losing side would receive buffs commiserate with how far behind they were, that would help them to overcome the enemy and keep the fighting interesting. Now, that’s not to say that I think his plan was the absolute best, but it demonstrates a dynamic idea that could be easily adapted and fleshed out to make a real substantial reimplementation.

Secondly, I want to give out the same prize (haha, didn’t see that coming) to Testpig. He has a ridiculously fleshed out and comprehensive plan. I know it wasn’t made for just my competition. I also don’t agree with all of his assessments and ideas (or commonly his manner of representation), but it’s incredibly clear that he is passionate about the game and making it the best game he thinks it can be. I think his plan, while interesting, is far too expansive and not feasible in any practical sense, nor do I think that all the details would mesh well with the game as a whole, but there are some very interesting ideas in there.

At some later point, I’m going to make a conglomerate suggestion from different people, one that I think takes the best bits of all the different suggestions and post it up here (and give credit to each entry). The thing I like most about design in general, is that one person rarely comes up with the best singular idea. When creating something for people to experience, it’s a collaborative effort, with a team of people all coming to the best conclusion.

So, to the two of you, send me an email ( with where you want the Collector’s Edition copy sent to, and I’ll put it in the mail sometime soon.


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  1. testpig says:

    collectors box!!! =)?

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