Tales of Hate, Entry 6

Today is May 11, I will be posting this on July 12, 2010.

I hit a bit of a benchmark over the weekend. I reached renown rank 40. It’s not major, but it’s another mastery point, and it’s always been that dividing line in my head between “early game” and “end game”. It’s the indicator of leaving the lower level stuff behind. It’s not even half-way to the cap as far as renown points go (that honor falls on RR69.5), but it’s an indicator, and that means something. Judgement at this minor stepping stone: I like the class. Almost enough to make it full time.

What I like even more is playing in a mostly anonymous fashion. No one knows me. No one comes to me with expectations. No one sends me tells to bother me on fake characters to get “a guild invite”. So it’s a riot to see first hand how some of my enemies view gameplay as an annoynmous bystander. It’s like getting to hear conversations in your opponent’s locker room. It can be informative at times, but usually, it’s just freaking hilarious.

I’ve heard it said that you can tell the nature of a person’s character by how they treat a stranger. A prime example from the weekend was some time spent in Logrin’s Forge. A fairly well-known Zealot was trying to be the “scenario leader” and direct everyone around. Obviously, he knows best, he’s RR80. Duh. His direction, was to “turtle” at one of the objectives, and let them come to us. That plan works, sure, if you’re ahead in points. It’s also applicable if you’re main concern is “winning” the scenario. Personally, I like to fight. I told him as much, and that his plan was foolish. He then spent the next few minutes doing the typical “scenario leader” response of calling me fail, worthless, and telling me to just leave.

We still lost.

Then, in the VERY next scenario, I had a near identical situation. Only this player insisted that winning ALWAYS gives better renown “Because of the bonus”. I couldn’t believe it. The bonus. At the end of scenarios. The one for less than 600 renown. THAT bonus. It’s beliefs like that which make me wonder about the general populace’s play ability. The sad part is, the second person was from one of the top guilds on my server. It saddened me to see their level of quality slip so far. I could give them the benefit of the doubt, that maybe they were just having a noob moment, but why continue to argue it after it is explained?


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