SW:TOR – Yeah, it’s an online SRPG

They basically said it themselves.

Daniel Erickson told CVG this:

“If you’re someone that loves everything an MMO brings to the table, loves the community aspect, loves being able to see other people and say: ‘I have better shoulder pads than you do,’ everything you loved about MMOs is there for you.

“But if the idea of story and context really turns you off, if what you want is the just complete Disneyland experience, where you run on the rides and repeat the stuff, this probably isn’t your favourite MMO.

“If you are a hardcore, traditional Bioware fan – a Mass Effect or especially Dragon Quest fan – this is the dream game. It is an RPG forever. It is an RPG that at the speed and pace that I play RPGs as a gamer, five or ten hours a week. I could never finish this game.”

So, it’s WoW, only without the fun rides? This statement is so universally counter to an understanding of what an MMO is to me, that I’m having extreme difficulty in articulating just how terrified I am his presented understanding. Hell, the fact that he equates “Complete Disneyland experience” with his understanding of what “other” MMOs are like, has me worried.

I’ve never played any of the Mass Effects, and I’m still working on Dragon Age. I loved the KotORs, and Baldur’s Gate games. However, I think the fears of everyone who vocally worried that this was just going to be a trumped-up chat-enabled KotOR 3 may be right. This will not be a virtual world if what is said here holds validity, and that is one step closer towards taking the genre in a direction I dread.

Bleh, way to bring me down Bioware, way to bring me down.


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7 Responses to SW:TOR – Yeah, it’s an online SRPG

  1. Werit says:

    A forever RPG? Sounds good to me 🙂

  2. Boruk says:

    My main concern right now is if its a Guild Wars type instanced game land where you dont get to go out and explore the worlds…that will turn me and all of my friends off.

  3. Rank-n-Vile says:

    “My main concern right now is if its a Guild Wars type instanced game land where you dont get to go out and explore the worlds”…

    This sentence makes no sense to me. I played Guild Wars, and even though I went into an “instanced” world, I had LOTS to explore. It has even been noted on several game sites that Guild Wars maps of their worlds have more “landmass” than WoW and all it’s expansions combined.

    Is it that other people must be there to “explore” it?

    I think I prefer the non-asshat land that GW offers. I team with specific members and we go out and “explore” the world of Tyria together….and that is the way it should be. Just like when I read a novel, I never read about the other million players taking away my kills…but instead the 6 (or more or less) some people in the group that the story is about.


  4. Bootae says:

    I agree with Shadow on this totally. The big difference for me with true MMOs and instance fests like Guild Wars is the exploring and meeting people in the wild lands, the constant risk of PvP and/or random real conversation or drama.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with online single player (or perhaps “online co-op” would be a better term) games, but they’re not true persistant worlds like the UOs, EQs, etc, etc that many of us crave.

    I’ll be getting SW: TOR, no doubt about it, but it will be a game to fit in my gaming time that would normally be for single player RPGs, it’s my new Mass Effect if you like. I’ll still be playing a true MMO as well though.

  5. Attic says:

    I’m surprised that any experienced MMO player would seriously consider TOR as anything but a co-op KOTOR at this stage of the game. I’ve always regarded it as a typical Bioware game; i.e. something I’ll play to enjoy for decent gameplay and an above average story only to be left with a lingering feeling of disappointment that I shall work through by savagely nitpicking it’s failings, however minor, on the internet when I’m done.

    I’m personally much more annoyed that Dragon Age 2 seems to be determined to be less of an RPG than it’s predecessor, even though I lost interest in DA:Os story about 3/4ths of the way through.

  6. Rer says:

    You know, I when I’d first thought about this (and subsequently re-thought about it after reading this), I was very concerned that I wasn’t going to be experiencing a “Real MMO” with SW:TOR. However, now that I’ve given it some thought I’m not entirely sure this is a bad thing. There will still be instances where the “large aspect” of the MMO will shine through, like in PvP and city hubs I’d bet. Whereas with quests and such, it will be a more small-team/solo based game.

    When I consider that’s essentially what most raids, instances, etc. were in other games.. this could actually be awesome. You’re reducing the number of people involved while simultaneously giving them a much bigger role. So yes, I probably won’t see some random guy named “Loves2Spooge” stealing my NPC kills, but I will get to experience the game in a closer and more meaningful proximity with my friends.

    Interesting, very interesting.

  7. I think it’s good to get away from themeparks. You can find my full post over at http://www.16bitradio.com/2010/07/explaining-solo-vs-group-aspect-of-old.html

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