Tales of Hate, Entry 5

Today is May 6, I will be posting this on July 9, 2010.

I made almost the entirety of renown rank 38 last night, I’m a smidge away from 39. I logged on, and did scenarios for the entire time. The only delay from hitting the queue button and getting a “please-accept” button was at the very beginning, when I had to synch up with whatever groups were out there. I used that time to run south of Martyr’s Square in Praag. Once I got my first scenario, I literally never moved a step from that spot for the rest of the night. It was awesome.

I played 10 scenarios, and they ran the gamut of available instances. I had ones that started off even and fresh from the start, to imbalanced to one of the sides, or already in progress. Still, I walked away with 7 wins and 3 losses, totally pugging it up. I noticed that the loses really started coming closer together as I approached 10:00 PM EST. I had a  good time though. Even as a total pug, I had a blasty-blast. People died, I died, enemy healers were hopefully cursing my name or spitting frustration at the site of me. If I was able to walk out of a scenario having made a healer or two’s experience worse because of it, I felt accomplished.

I hear bitching and moaning about the Blackguard on the forums all the time, but I don’t get it. The class is strong. I have shit for gear, shit renown, and shit for support, and I still was doing decent. I was walking out of scenarios with 6 to 8 deathblows sometimes, and few deaths. I got in a similar rotation with some of the players, and healers, and I think that eventually, some of them realized I knew what the fuck I was doing, as heals started to come my way more consistently, which is good, because going hip deep into the shit-fest of order to make a healer want to cut themselves in emo rage at being black-barred isn’t conducive to a long life-span.

The highlight of the night: had a guy message me, asking if I wanted to join my guild after he watched me play in a scenario. It’s not a big deal, because it wasn’t some big-name, well known guild, but recognition is recognition. It’s nice to have your ability noticed and have it acknowledged. I politely told him I wasn’t looking for a guild, but appreciated the offer. I’m curious if I’ll get any more invites as time goes on, or if other people will notice my play. My guess, is that on a whole, no, noone will perk up. A lot of the destro on Gorfang don’t spend a lot of time doing scenarios competitively. The appearance is that they just see it as a means to gear progression, and a way to fill the time. Which saddens me overall, as I really enjoy the highly-competitive nature of scenarios.


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One Response to Tales of Hate, Entry 5

  1. zizlak says:

    The complaints about the Blackguard arise imho most likely from the overall “the mirror career is stronger”-whine-threads.. It’s definitely no weak career.

    The only really weak career in this game is the Shadow Warrior. Of course there are some overpowered careers, but in general every other career has something to offer and can contribute to the battle.

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