Tales of Hate, Entry 4

Today is May 4th, I will be posting this on July 8, 2010.

I almost spilled the beans today. A post by one of our server’s more famous forum trolls made me giggle on the inside, given my play on this Blackguard of late.

I’ve been looking into the different specs for the class, and trying to theorycraft what would be the best type of build for the career. I’ve lurked on the various forums, trying to glean as much information as possible from the more veteran players of the class, and have come to a bit of mixed information. Everyone seems to agree the class is very gear dependant, and that’s fine, a lot of classes are. My Shadow Warrior in particular was heavily reliant upon the best gear. Still, there seems to be a couple “core” tactics that are chosen by all, and then the last two seem to get mixed up based on personal preference.

I will say, that I want to only use a glaive. I have no intention of ever going sword and shield. Outside of my general disdain for shields in this game, and my belief that they aren’t useful by and large, the Blackguard is a class that just SHOULD use a glaive. It doesn’t hurt that I HATE the shields for the elf tanks, and find the two-handers to look amazing.

So, when looking at the different specializations and tactics available, I land on the conclusion of this build for the vast majority of my solo play. A large part of my soul screams in frustration at not having rugged in there. It really is a big issue, but toughness shines when you have healing to back it up. We all know, that when solo and mostly anonymous, heals aren’t going to come your way. So Malekith’s Bulwark (magic damage to me reduced by 25%, heals by 15%) is a great replacement. Order has a LOT of caster damage. Between the immense popularity of Bright Wizards as well as DPS Archmages, magical energies crackle the air around my Blackguard at all times. A straight reduction of those lazers and fireballs is a huge benefit, and reducing the rare heals that come my way (oh, if only they would come my way), isn’t much of a loss. I am really looking for a way to get rugged back in, but I’m having a hard time finding it. My gaze keeps straying to Soul Killer (outgoing heal-debuff), but dropping that almost trivializes the entire class. Hopefully, I can drop Filled with Fury (+15% crit rate after hate use) when I have a good amount more crit rate as I gain gear and ranks. All of that, and I’m not even glancing at Unstoppable Fury (detaunt immunity) which I very much covet.

They wanted to make players have to choose between tactics, and to make hard decisions about what builds to use, and in this case, they succeeded amazingly well.


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2 Responses to Tales of Hate, Entry 4

  1. zizlak says:

    Just curious..and please correct me if I’m wrong.. Destruction has two careers which can’t be detaunted (if specced for it) and Order has.. 0?

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