Tales of Hate, Entry 3

Today is May 3, and I will be posting this on July 7, 2010.

I used a little bit of my time over this weekend to spend some love on my Blackguard, it was before the announcement of 1.3.6 and its ability to have characters of both realms on the same account. It makes me think this whole thing was for naught, and I’m wasting my time on this side project, but I’m an obstinate fuck like that, so whatever. I’ll keep at it until July 4th, and then I’ll see how things go from there. As an incognito player, I’ve been puzzled by Destro as a whole, as far as it’s culture and community go from “inside”. I’m hoping that in the weeks to come I can get a better view of it, as I spent the last two weeks capitalizing on the renown bonus for my “mains”.

Still, in the short time I’ve been playing Kaah, I’ve been sort of surprised at the interaction, or lack thereof really, with the destro community on Gorfang to date. When I go into lakes, there is very rarely any open warbands even showing on my interface. When there are shown, even chances are that it’s a bugged display, or that it’s limited to guild/alliance only. I think I’ve run with an open WB two times so far, and one was early in the AM for a zerg of the zone. No one seemed interested in doing SCs, or really conversing outside of the generated messages of what objective to hit next.

Still, I solo queue for SCs the entire time, and it’s been interesting. The results are about what I expected. If we go up against premades, we got stomped, if I get in one with a Destro premade we stomp them, and if it’s PUG v PUG then it’s about an even ratio. So, as for a win-lose ratio, it’s about the same on both sides. I don’t notice a great power disparity between the two realms to any noticeable level, and I don’t know what that says about the reality of the two. I’m TRYING to keep in mind the ability of the groups that I get into when I solo play my Knight and compare THOSE to my time on my Blackguard, and throw out my guild experiences. Still, I’ve been so long in a guild now, that I forget what it’s like sometimes to play outside of one, and having to adjust to this new experience has been an interesting challenge.

When I play now, I have to play with the mentality of knowing that I don’t have support. I don’t chat much via text, as I play with an n52, and taking my hand off that is suicide while playing. Also, I don’t care enough most of the times. I did have a moment the other day when I was keeping the two healing WPs debuffed with mind killer and burying them under two other debuffs, and the “teammates” in the scenario just refused to kill anyone. For about 45 seconds to a minute at least. I say refused, because there is no reasonable excuse for their failure considering what I was doing on my end. For a solo class though, I could have picked worse. There are areas that the BG could definitely use a hand in, but so far, it feels pretty strong, and I’m happy with it.


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One Response to Tales of Hate, Entry 3

  1. Rikker says:

    Heh. This fits in nicely with your previous post.

    I also use an N52 (and I love the thing…).

    However, Vent becomes a MUST in order to keep up a decent level of gameplay and communicate at the same time. Otherwise you’re looking at standing still for 3-5 seconds while typing something.

    For a healer, that’s insta-death, or death of your teammates.

    I like this experiment of yours, looking forward to more.

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