Tales of Hate, Entry 3

Today is May 3, and I will be posting this on July 7, 2010.

I used a little bit of my time over this weekend to spend some love on my Blackguard, it was before the announcement of 1.3.6 and its ability to have characters of both realms on the same account. It makes me think this whole thing was for naught, and I’m wasting my time on this side project, but I’m an obstinate fuck like that, so whatever. I’ll keep at it until July 4th, and then I’ll see how things go from there. As an incognito player, I’ve been puzzled by Destro as a whole, as far as it’s culture and community go from “inside”. I’m hoping that in the weeks to come I can get a better view of it, as I spent the last two weeks capitalizing on the renown bonus for my “mains”.

Still, in the short time I’ve been playing Kaah, I’ve been sort of surprised at the interaction, or lack thereof really, with the destro community on Gorfang to date. When I go into lakes, there is very rarely any open warbands even showing on my interface. When there are shown, even chances are that it’s a bugged display, or that it’s limited to guild/alliance only. I think I’ve run with an open WB two times so far, and one was early in the AM for a zerg of the zone. No one seemed interested in doing SCs, or really conversing outside of the generated messages of what objective to hit next.

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Minimum Requirements

Half-Life 2 for the curious.

I had a spark of memory on a topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for a long time. It boils down to a fairly simple topic, but stems from a far more diverse and complicated issue. It was recently personified in an interesting forum post. The writer was addressing a group of people who did something he did not understand, and has resulted in a frustrated change in play. Pretty common situation. Expectations and outside responses not matching up leads to friction. However it’s the particulars of this situation that I find of specific interest as a look at player perceptions.

In this particular event, the problem arose from a negative reaction of the general populace upon requiring the use of Ventrilo and a direct request for an invite to join his warband. The outcry was that these restrictions were elitist and segmenting the population by placing ludicrous demands upon the other player. For those not in the know, by no means are these a hurdle to overcome. The programs are free and quick to download, and the interface is notoriously easy. Voice communication in genre is becoming considered by many to be a standard, due to the limitations of traditional typed-chat. How could a player not be able to recognize the necessity of fast passed, easy communication for a situation that was dynamic and hectic?

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