Tales of Hate, Entry 2

Today is April 26, and I will be posting this on July 6, 2010.

I only played my blackguard a little bit over the weekend, the recent double experience and renown has led me to put some heavy focus on my “primary” characters. Namely my Knight and a little bit of my Shadow Warrior. Still, it wasn’t without rewards, the little bit that I played still got me to renown rank 35 and about a quarter of the way through that.

Additionally, it had been so long since I played the character, that when I went dumpster diving in my bank, I found some gear that was superior to what I had currently. So bonus to me, I got a decent glaive that doesn’t look like the retarded LotD one from the PQs. I’ve seen some of the higher-end ones that have the crazy axe-head. It seems that the higher rank weapon you get, the more it resembles a halberd. Sadly, I far prefer the look of the sinister glaive / naginata. Don’t get me wrong, the halberd is a classicaly vicious weapon, used commonly by European Knights, but it lacks the sleek, curved sex-appeal of the later two weapons.

It was funny to hear some guildies talk about the discrepency in the ability of the general populace of both sides on our server. The concensus was that the PUGs of Gorfang’s Destro were superior to those of Order. I found it it particularly enlightening given my recent play time of all-PUG, all the time with a Blackguard against those very same people. My experience so far, has been that as a PUG destro and order are on about the same level. Order runs more premades, I am certain of that, but the fill-in spots are equally bad talented. Either way, good, bad, amazing, or terrible, the best thing about playing Destro on Gorfang: insta-pops. I do mean instant. I can’t walk two steps without getting a scenario available. PUG’ing may suck, but at least it’s a whole lot of rapid sucking (out of the gutter you!).

I’m hoping that I can get a little more time in this week with my Blackguard now that I got my Knight to RR72 and about 40% of the way through the rank. My short-term goal is to get him to RR40 by the time I finish with this little experiment. Bah, between this and my Witch-Elf, I have too many projects and goals.

I hope to have more for you tommorrow.


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3 Responses to Tales of Hate, Entry 2

  1. Erbse says:

    […] the best thing about playing Destro on Gorfang: insta-pops. I do mean instant. I can’t walk two steps without getting a scenario available. […]

    *Zips out his Wizard hat made of tinfoil*

    See, this is proof that all devs play destro and favor them, a zerging dominance with instant pops, how does that make any sense?

    *Takes his hat off and leaves the room*

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