I should slow down

Talk about a marathon weekend of Warhammer. I think I pulled in about a million renown between my characters in total. I’ve got a touch of “post-gaming marathon exhaustion”. For a quick recount, I’ll give you a before and after snapshot.

  • Zayr, my Shadow Warrior, was about RR69.85 when the weekend started.
    • As of last night, she is RR70.29.
  • Karstaedt, my Knight of the Blazing sun, was about RR75.75 on Thursday.
    • As of last night, he is RR77.38

Yeah, I hit the game pretty hard. That said, I have another 300k renown just to finish off my Knights current rank and get RR78, and then about a million more after that to get to 80 (approximately 500k for each RR79 and 80).

I’m a big fan of goal setting, and wanted to put a couple of benchmarks down for me achieve in Warhammer. So, on Wednesday when I logged off, I decided I wanted to get about 25% of my rank each week on my Knight. So, I saw myself as getting RR76 that weekend, 76.25 this week, 76.50 next week, and so-on. That would put me at 17 weeks to finish his leveling, and would put me squarely at the end of October. Sounds a long way off, but I still though it was pretty ambitious given my [typically] more casual play-time.

All of this decision-making and planning was before my knowledge of the double renown bonus for the holiday. I’m still going to hold to my desired level of gain per week, but happily, this pushed my schedule WAY up. I cut off about 6 weeks in a weekend. I’m wanting to be at RR77.75 by this Sunday, a slightly elevated time-table in terms of renown-per-day, but it will get me to a nice number for my goals, and should put my end-date sometime in mid September. Deep down, I hope against hope to meet that mark before then, but this is the best “reasonable” goal I think I can have.

Interestingly enough, this holiday weekend of increased renown gives me more hope for a big content update in the game. The close proximity to the previous bonus (after the billing snafu), displays a readiness in the minds of Mythic to have players make considerable and large advances towards the cap (and thus the end). They must know that retention of post RR80 players drops off once they cap out, so there must be a plan to offer something else to entice them to remain in the break-neck advancement of the two occasions in a close time-span. This belief gives me an extra spur to move to RR80 as well, as I want to be poised and ready to start immediately being at the same ground as the rest of my guild when it happens.

Finally, If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice now that I have a bit of a series going on. Tales of Hate. Which I published the first of on Independence day, and consists of 10 entries in total. The final entry will be posted on the 16th of July. It’s an overall chronicle of my experiences playing on the other side on the same server, as well as my experience playing in a truly solo fashion. So, I hope you enjoy it.


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3 Responses to I should slow down

  1. Pip says:

    “They must know that retention of post RR80 players drops off once they cap out, so there must be a plan to offer something else to entice them to remain in the break-neck advancement of the two occasions in a close time-span. ”

    I think that the Sov set re-itemization and reforgings mentioned in the last Producer’s Letter is their answer to that. After all, in terms of grind-induced retention, forcing RR70+ characters to grind for multiple sets of the same armor is even better than the current system, right? As for fun, I’ll let you decide.

    • shadowwar says:

      Overly pesimistic, and probably not accurate given that you can exchange your current armor for one of the new sets. The grind will be there only if you want a second set of armor.

      As much as players like to disparage the developers at Mythic, they aren’t stupid. They know what the issues are. Every interview and conversation with Carrie, you can see she’s chomping at the bit to say something, she knows how badly players want new content/expansions. The want real content, not just a re-hash of existing stuff. If their openess with creating significant leaps in player advancement ARE indicitave of new content, I think it will be real new content.

  2. Readda says:

    The game is still fun at 80, but it takes a little while to get used to it – you need to redefine what winning looks like (ironicly, it looks like winning, rather than valuing purple numbers over everything).

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