I should slow down

Talk about a marathon weekend of Warhammer. I think I pulled in about a million renown between my characters in total. I’ve got a touch of “post-gaming marathon exhaustion”. For a quick recount, I’ll give you a before and after snapshot.

  • Zayr, my Shadow Warrior, was about RR69.85 when the weekend started.
    • As of last night, she is RR70.29.
  • Karstaedt, my Knight of the Blazing sun, was about RR75.75 on Thursday.
    • As of last night, he is RR77.38

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Tales of Hate, Entry 2

Today is April 26, and I will be posting this on July 6, 2010.

I only played my blackguard a little bit over the weekend, the recent double experience and renown has led me to put some heavy focus on my “primary” characters. Namely my Knight and a little bit of my Shadow Warrior. Still, it wasn’t without rewards, the little bit that I played still got me to renown rank 35 and about a quarter of the way through that.

Additionally, it had been so long since I played the character, that when I went dumpster diving in my bank, I found some gear that was superior to what I had currently. So bonus to me, I got a decent glaive that doesn’t look like the retarded LotD one from the PQs. I’ve seen some of the higher-end ones that have the crazy axe-head. It seems that the higher rank weapon you get, the more it resembles a halberd. Sadly, I far prefer the look of the sinister glaive / naginata. Don’t get me wrong, the halberd is a classicaly vicious weapon, used commonly by European Knights, but it lacks the sleek, curved sex-appeal of the later two weapons.

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