Two ‘tings

1st: I’ve been playing the hell out of some Dead Space on my PS3. Somehow, I forgot I had purchased it long ago, and NEVER PLAYED IT. A travesty, I know. It’s damn good, and some scary shit at times. I actually flinched, and am talking at the game. “Get off me you freaky, mutant, space zombie!” I really enjoy stomping on dead mutants after killing them for the squish. In particular, I like the leveling and upgrade system. It’s done similar to my much-loved FFX grid system.

2nd: Going to give one more week to allow for entries, and will cut off entries at 5pm EST on Friday, July the 9th. Should be able to make a judgement sometime the following week unless I get inundated with more ideas, I have about half a dozen to read through right now.

Have a happy Independence Day weekend everyone, and a belated happy Canada day to all my friends to the north! Make sure to enjoy your +100% exp/renown over the weekend.


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5 Responses to Two ‘tings

  1. Grimnir says:

    I picked that up on Steam. Apparently my threshold for story attention is ~6.5 hours as many of my purchased games fall off a cliff at that point and sit idly by whilst I start another game. It definitely has some freaky moments that will make you twitch. Running down hallways is bad. Very bad. But soooo tempting considering his Jason Vorhees deliberate slow-walking (stalking?) pace…

  2. Rivs says:

    Actually thats 3 things.

    1. Scared…really…When you get married, do you grow a vagina? 😛

    2. I was gonna enter, but I got a Collectors Edition already, I would like someone who needs one, and wants one get it. I love the comic book that came with it.

    3. Happy Independence day to you as well, don’t blow off any appendeges, (like your penis). Also yea 100% renown!!!

    Happy 4th!

  3. krosuss says:

    Dead Space is damn scary. I turn out the lights and turn up the surround sound when playing. The noises you hear all around you … what was that?!?!!? … see that shadow??!?!?!? … it’s behind me!!!! NO!!!! In front of me!!!!

    Awesome game!

    • shadowwar says:

      Exactly! Everytime I see a shadow skitter across my monitor, I say, “What the hell is that?” and then something jumps on me from the other side. The use of music is really good too. Playing in my bedroom, with all the lights turned out is good fun.

  4. Erbse says:

    I recommend you to pick up Demon’s Souls ASAP 😉

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