Produzentenbrief – Juni 2010

That’s German for “just under the wire”. Or Producer’s Letter June 2010, if you want to be a kill-joy. Did I ever mention that I really want to learn German? Always thought it was a very cool sound and interesting language. Anyway, goodbye tangent, hello message. Yesterday, Carrie dropped her June letter on all of us eagerly waiting and squirming fans of Warhmmer Online. We wanted insights and gleans into the details of what’s going on. We want that every month, and that doesn’t happen. It’s almost as if the producer’s letter is more of a general outline and not a detailed laundry list…

In all seriousness, this was a pretty typical letter. Sadly, I feel like a good chunk of the letter got necessarily eaten up with information about the consolidation of all European servers under the Mythic name and control. We got about four paragraphs of the seven on game-substantive changes and plans. It took out a bit of the sexy lingerie and gave us boy shorts instead. Cute, and attractive, but not the mouth-watering hotness we want. That’s not to say the letter itself was devoid of information or empty of things I can really sink my teeth into. Instead, only half of the letter was stuff that, if I am honest, aren’t on top of my priority lists and are a bit of old news. I mean, come on, we knew about it a couple of days ago (I know, I know, I’m being a jerk. Europeans need to be assured that all will go well and this is for the best). In internet time, news more than a day old is history.

The meatiest part of this producer’s steak is a toss up. The Against All Odds change to ORvR, weighing in with a 400% bonus exp/renown for fighting against greater numbers is a huge carrot. If James had a giant Carrot instead of a peach, that’s how big it will be. Compare that to the policy turning announcement of reitimzation of Sovereign gear and you have two hugely sought-after action items, particularly given the split in implemented roles for the gear. However, the best thing I see coming out of this letter is the directing of the reader to the forums and the In-development posts. Mythic has done a fantastic job in really letting the players know what is going on, and what the intended course is going to be for the game. They’ve done this with a load of information for specific different areas, and I think there’s probably more to come. Particularly given this line:

“Our detractors like to make fun of us for “being really excited” and “itching to tell you about” some “really cool things” (yes, we read the snarky posts), and in this case we want to shout it from the rooftops…but not just yet.” 

It’s an interesting bit of non-information, and I think I speak for everyone when I express my hope at the signaling of a major expansion or update that will add valleys and mountains of content or a huge shift in the play experience. I love this game, but even I, the stalwart proponent of this incredibly fun and exciting game, finds my desire waning at times. It’s summer, lots of cool games are coming out for consoles and other MMOs are ramping up for releases later this year or next year. There’s nothing that is planned that can pull me away from WAR until well into next year, but I’m not everyone, and EVE is already released. I love this game, and I genuinely like the people working on it, and want to support all of them in the best way I can – by continuing to play. As great as that quote above is, there comes a point of tantilizing and hinting that the tension breaks, and interest wains. Mythic needs to let go of the restraints and let information run free.


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8 Responses to Produzentenbrief – Juni 2010

  1. Rank-n-Vile says:

    Good post, and spot on. We need to hear concrete info. Tidbits are cool (like the 1.3.6 stuff)…but with a run of bad news around every corner (even though the GOA thing is HAWT, and I am so excited about it, others see it as news of upcoming “merges”), they need to ratchet up the hype just a bit and REALLY get people going.

    I have been leery of the “plague” story, and many people are as well, except for the die hard fanboys. Well, I think Mythic (sorry BIOWARE Mythic) better open the floodgates soon.

  2. Erbse says:

    I’m waiting for more information until I shred half their suggested ‘balance changes’ to bits, most definitely by the time we get shafted yet again and Swordmasters won’t see more than already announced.

    While the RvR changes indeed sound nice it’s exactly that. RvR. Same as last year (almost), same as yesterday, same as today, same as tomorrow. With Sovereign being freebie now people got no reason to win out in the field, city is city, no cock blocks (forts), Sov is Sov. I really hope we’ll get another cock block sometime, as it’s tiresome at best and hardly a motivation currently. Granted, the day I hit RR80 my motivation went out of the window anyway.

    I at first didn’t understand your ‘under the wire’ reference until I looked it up, even then it took me a few seconds to realize that it’s July today. Still, German’s a bitch, and as we all know, you’re better off staying away from those ;D

  3. Attic says:

    Obviously the most important bit of information here, even if you just glossed over it, is that you don’t find boy shorts to be hot. This seriously hurts my opinion of you as a man, nay, as a human being. If Witch Elves had boy shorts instead of thongs then I wouldn’t have ever quit.

    Shadow’s possible sanity issues aside I’m not seeing anything in this patch to get excited about. ORvR is dead to me and shall remain so as long as it remains the domain of the zerg and all my little 6-man can do is harass them. This patch is doing nothing to address that.

    To be frank, I don’t think we’ll ever see a proper WAR expansion; mainly because an expansion has no hope of doing anything but maybe help retain the current playerbase a while longer. There is far too much animosity and ill will surrounding WAR for anything to cause a significant upswing in returning or new subscribers. It’s my opinion that the only reason we’re continuing to see any real development resources being spent on WAR at all is because Brooks’ Law prohibits EA from pulling all of Mythic’s people to work on SWTOR.

    To me it seems that the game is fated to go the way that Vanguard has. A slow consolidation towards a single server, sparser and less frequent patches, etc. until the servers start operating at a loss. Then it’s lights out time and the IP can be given to some other developer to run into the ground trying to catch a dream.

    • shadowwar says:

      Oh boy shorts CAN be hot, and I mean super-duper hot. Heck, a simple google image search gets me this smoking example of them:

      However, it’s not like the pure sex of this:

      (if this doesn’t artificially boost my viewership, nothing will!)

    • shadowwar says:

      I got so riled up over the doubting of my manhood I skipped over the meat of your statement.

      I don’t think a 6 man will ever be able to take out a real zerg. Two to four times your number, sure. But one group facing off against two warbands, and only the most incompetent, uncoordinated of them will fail at killing the 6-man. What this will do, is encourage people to play in the lakes more, as a small team, enough harassment, followed up by frustrating them at a BO or Keep, and the zerg dies.

      Personally, I’m hopeful for the future of WAR, and think an expansion really is a possibility. They’ve been hinting at it for a LONG time now, and are quickly approaching a do-or-slowly-die of releasing one. Not to mention that every release talking about the game from official sources have cited the game to be profitable, growing, and with development plans in the future. Unless all these people have been lieing (which is possible), I think the chance remains.

      I’m skeptically hopeful.

      • Attic says:

        I didn’t mean that I want to be able to wipe the zerg with a 6 man, but I’d like the ability to hamper their progress to the city with one. I think it’d be fantastic if it were possible for a small group to capture a BO or hold a keep to stall the enemies campaign progress. But this just isn’t a very likely occurrence in the current game unless the zerg is being more retarded than usual.

        IMO, this is because Mythic consciously designed ORvR to cater to overwhelming numbers whenever possible and simultaneously to be hostile to smaller groups. The lakes are pathetically tiny, objectives are rarely in a defensible position, everyone on the server always knows when an objective is being attacked, or even when there’s a battle going on that has more than X number of participants. And I’m not even going to get started on things like piddly short hard CCs, near impossible to leverage knockbacks, way too much AoE everything being tossed about, how badly mitigation scales compared to damage, etc.

        As for an expansion, even if they had the resources to create one, they’ve pretty much already past the point of no return. Remember what a fiasco it was launching the game right before a huge WoW expansion? With Cataclysm just around the corner I can’t imagine anyone thinking of trying to sneak in a WAR expansion before 2011. But even if they delay it til 2011 their sister game, SWTOR, is set to launch in like March. So I can’t see a good time to launch any kind of proper expansion before late next spring and I can’t fathom WAR having a large enough playerbase then to justify a boxed expansion.

        I’d like to be wrong, I really would. But for me Warhammer Online is built on a foundation of the bones of murdered dreams, the shells of empty promises, and the bitter, burning knowledge that for 2 damn years they have done between next to and less than nothing to expand their main gameplay feature; the feature that I was sold the game on. I have trouble expecting an edifice of candy floss, silver linings, and bunnies to arise from that fetid pit.

        At least when Vanguard pulled this stunt it had the decency to have no redeeming characteristics from the get go so I was able to drop it without any hesitation.

  4. Attic says:

    That whole spiel came out a lot more embittered and far less comedic than I’d intended. I blame WoW. It feels like I’ve gone from one bad relationship to another.

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