High Alert

EVE seems to be on the edge of an intergalactic war. The long-dormant, and cut-off section of space belonging to the Jovian Empire has seen some activity. Sansha’s Nation has somehow acquired technology that lets them create wormholes and place them with spot-on accuracy wherever they choose. At the same time, they are able to allow only those they desire to use the wormhole. Reports have been sketchy so far, as I’ve been laying low for the most part. But what I hear concerns me, and what I saw released of the probe data one capsuleer was able to capture has me frightened.

I’ll keep flying low and trying to avoid as much of whatever ensuing events unfold, but this may end up being a time where that’s not possible. My personal goals and missions may have to be set aside, and if I have to fly my Rifter into the fight, I’ll take out whoever I can while I do so. If the Jovian’s really have teamed up with the Nation, things could go very, VERY bad. With the future in doubt, the fog of my past seems to hold less importance.


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6 Responses to High Alert

  1. Slurms says:

    I picked EVE up on the Steam sale (who wouldn’t?!?) and I plan on waiting to install until I get some of my current library finished up.

    But seriously…..stop

    stop posting pictures like this

    they make my pants tight

    • shadowwar says:

      I really am a space nerd, and stuff like this gets me hard as mahogany. So a tip from someone afflicted from a similar problem: wear shorts!

      BTW: I didnt’ see EVE on Steam, what was the deal?

  2. Rer says:

    Reading that forum/news post jump-started my interest in EVE’s lore. At first I didn’t even realize there was much of a backstory, let alone sagas of information.

    If anyone needs the assistance of a Ninja Smuggler, simply contact Rer Eirikr.

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