Resistance is futile

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about GOA and Warhammer parting ways. The split was announced on Friday of last week, by GOA and Mythic. Since then, Mythic has released a more comprehensive explanation of what’s going to happen, as well as a FAQ (FR, GER). Many of my European colleagues have started to comment on it some (has an english google translator), and seeing how they are the most affected, are probably a good sounding board of the situation. The long and short of it all, is that European servers are being brought under the full purview, control, and responsability of Mythic. The players will be allowed to transfer over to American servers if they choose, but to do so would mean loosing out on their more localy-placed servers (Germany) and have to deal with the ensuing lag.

Ahh Europe, you will become like us, one way or another.

As an aside, this has spawned conversation all over, including forums. One intersting result from a conversation on my home servers threads of discussion, is that apparently, Greeks are naturally better at history than anyone else. The proof is in this douche’s own words.


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2 Responses to Resistance is futile

  1. zizlak says:

    One thing that bothers many folks here on the German servers is that there will be only server-specific German forums.. So general talk, Feedback, careers etc.. has to be in English.

    For some this is no real problem..but it definitely affects a large number of forum active players and I’m not sure if this is good for the game overall. Now some people feel like being a minority (which they already are) which is only good for being a cash-cow. Of course that outcry has not to be taken too seriously, but should not be ignored.

    Mythic hired German and French speaking CM’s and I think that they should offer general forums for that languages when they are responsible for the EU and US. I’m not sure if they will change their mind… but let’s see.. 😉

    • shadowwar says:

      I agree on the difficulties the non-English speaking communities are going to face. It’s unfortante, and I wish it wasn’t so, but I don’t see them broadening that aspect of their forums unless a significant influx of people demanding that service arrive. I think this may end up having to fall in the laps of the communities themselves to have people act as relays (above and beyond just the new CMs). Bilingual bloggers for instance 🙂 Shouldn’t have to, but that’s where it’s going to end if I was betting man.

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