Some Shadow Warriors have all the luck

Snare Proc, woot!

And apparently, it’s my Shadow Warrior. I don’t play mine a lot anymore, mostly when solo, or when just farting around for a little bit of time. Or when my other characters are locked out of the city. He still needs to get RR70, and the rest of his set of Sovereign gear. So, when the city opened up Sunday morning, I took my SW in there all by my lonesome for some good, stance-dancing fun. After an instance full of split-arrows ward checking after being made a Champion, I was blessed with this insignia-trivializing weapon. I have no reason to do scenarios anymore outside of pure fun and renown gain. It’s my favorite part of the game, which makes me sad that I’ve lost a carrot, but happy at such a great piece (slight scoreboard brag after the jump).

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