CCP compensates EVE players

You may not be aware, but EVE recently had a long and extended downtime. The reason was that they were physically relocating the server cluster and had to do some  unexpected testing. They knew the downtime was going to be significant (about a day), but it ended up being significantly longer, by about 12 hours if my memory is serving me correctly. Most games would have people up in arms, throwing fits, and I’m sure EVE had its share, but overall, the shallow end of the EVE community I swim in seemed like calm waters. Still, in a game where training takes place in real-time, and skills advance in real-time and sometimes need days or weeks to finish a skill, that’s a good chunk of missed training potential. CCP realizes that, and is responding in kind to its customers in this unprecedented incident with a commiserate response. They announced a new pool of skill points to apply, that should be available in a hotfix on Tuesday, as well as another gift to all pilots.

Good stuff, and I have to say again, CCP and EVE is continuing to impress me with its ability, competency, and overall incredible vision and implementation. EVE is looking more and more like a game that could pull me away from WAR full-time if I let it, and I can’t let that happen till I hit at least RR80 on my Knight. My current social goal in-game is to check out the Red vs. Blue factions and see what some of the PvP is like, and my goal of increasing my security status still stands. Thankfully for the later, some helpful forum goers gave me the details on the system and how to best go ratting when trying to buff it up.


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4 Responses to CCP compensates EVE players

  1. Werit says:

    I just can’t commit to EvE, especially pvp, due to the time needed. From my limited experience it is a lot of hurry up and wait and gate camps.

    It would take me quite a while to replace my 100mill Drake even with insurance. It isn’t so bad if you join with a corp that lets you participate in high tier missions or activities though. That feels like cheating to me in a way, I want to earn all of it through progress and not have it handed to me.

    • shadowwar says:

      There IS a lot of that hurry up and wait stuff. I did it once with a corp I join, and it SUCKED. I think in large part because they were completely knew to it. I didn’t stick around for long. The thing that most interest me currently in the game is solo PvP. Hunting down players who think they are safely killing some rats, or mining, and blowing the crap out of them.

      I will say, money wise, it’s very clear that heavy amounts of PvE is required to build enough money to successfully PvP. That’s a hard hurdle to overcome for those of us accostumed to WAR and it’s near complete dissasociation.

  2. Rer says:

    I enjoyed playing EVE, but I always felt like I was drastically behind everyone else and would never catch up. That feeling eventually ate away at my desire to play, maybe I should give it another shot?

  3. n0th says:

    They announced 6 hour downtime and ended with something like 30h+
    While this certainly caused some nerdrage most ppl know CCP well enough to just plug in a long skill and not bother logging in for several days if stuff like this gets announced.
    The SP reimbursement is very nice move though.

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