Artist Spotlight: Richard Anderson

I found this artist from Into the Pixel, which is a site that highlights and chooses the best pieces of video game art from submitted works. The works was shown at this years E3, and gives a chance to the artists to be acknowledged by peers in the industry.  They’ve been running since 2004, and a piece Richard Anderson has been in the selected top 20 for two of those years (yes, you’ll notice I linked his blog, and now his sketchbook). He also has a professional site.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see his personal postings of his sketchbook and all his art pieces. The second I saw his 2010 piece for Guild Wars 2, I knew his style was one that had captured my interest. All of his work has a very ethereal feel to it, but it can be brought to bare in both a light, airy manner, or come down as oppressive, and menacing. He appears to have a very strong bent towards traditional artwork mediums, of which I really appreciate, being that my own preferance falls within the same area.

I think one of my favorite pieces of his is the Band of Brothers image. It expresses both the emotional setting and the physical nature of the situation that so many of our countries brave soldiers faced upon Normandy beach. Also of note, are his series of negative space black & white drawings, that harkens to some of the more independent style comics and their visuals. His use of fine lines and careful destruction of a portion of an image makes the eye travel in a way to give the appearance of action and life.

This artist is incredibly talented, and is an example of a style I most aspire to in my own work. So, head over to his sites, look around, and be aesthetically pleased.


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