How can it be done?


Miniagures do not come prepainted.

There has been a lot of talk lately about new content in WAR. Everyone seems to agree that we need something, but we don’t know what that something is. When we taste the proverbial sauce of WAR pasta, we think that a dash of something would complete the taste for now. But if we could just figure out what that is. In the meantime, I propose we have some breadsticks and chatter amongst ourselves. Today’s breadstick is flavored with “Fortresses”. The dipping sauce for you to bring home, is a Collector’s Edition of the game. So, here’s what I would like to see from you guys:

If you had total control, how would you best reimplement fortresses into the game?

What I’m looking for are suggestions from readers by way of email to me (, or comments here. When I reach a healthy number of entries, I’ll do one of two things. Either select the one I think is most realistic/feasible/interesting/fun, or I’ll post a poll of the ideas and let readers vote.

As for the details of the Collector’s Edition box, I know most of you playing probably don’t need a second account. And since buying a second account is, well free, what you’re really getting from this are the goodies inside, as well as the codes for in-game items (or to give to a friend whom you want to start playing). I was one of the people who pre-ordered and bought a CE version, and I LOVED the stuff I got. The two hard-cover books are amazing. One is a collection of concept art that ranges across all races, zones, and items, and the other is a comic book that details the back story behind the war we currently fight. Last (and definitely not least) there is a tabletop miniature of  Grumlock and Gazbag (see them in-game in The Eternal Citadel destro!). For fans of the IP, it’s a pretty cool package. And no worries, I’ll pay for shipping to get it sent to you and won’t whore out your private information to anyone.

Edit: I should add, I’ll pay for shipping w/in the U.S. only.

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18 Responses to How can it be done?

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    Whooa, second accounts are free? You don’t need a second copy of WAR?

    I could just start paying $15 right now and start cross realming?

    • shadowwar says:

      You can instantly upgrade from a trial I believe. You just pay the $15 for the first month of time after the upgrade.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Interesting ….

        What the recruitment process of Blitz? Not that I am impressed by the pwnage that I receive or anything. Just wondering ….

      • shadowwar says:

        We don’t really have a recruitment method. We don’t even have a website. We try to keep our membership at a certain level, and the ability to run strong groups. When we notice we’re lacking in an area, we’ll keep our eyes open for potential prospects.

  2. Yitu says:

    Great box. 🙂 I personally looking forward to the tin-orc.

    I had in this moment 5 griffons in the lootbox. 😉


  3. Werit says:

    I’m pretty sure you can apply the CE codes to your account.

  4. Torsen says:

    You can definitely apply CE codes to your account. GL with the contest!

  5. testpig says:

    Like this =)

  6. sunny koda says:

    Yeah I found a CE that no-one ever picked up at a store for $30 and snapped it up. I really wanted the beautiful art book and they won’t sell it to me ’cause i’m outside the US. It is definitely the best videogame artbook I’ve ever seen (particularly for CE which usually have a leaflet or some other bs). Gazbag/Grumlock makes a kickass warboss too.

  7. Rank-n-Vile says:

    Just received my CE from Amazon…13.95, shipped free (as I was ordering novels as well…Gortrek and Felix for one…hehe).

    Now…what to do with it? May start a new trial, apply the code after I get my characters to 10/10…don’t know yet.

    Interested in the new ideas. Can’t wait.

  8. OneShard says:

    I would not change fortress role within the campaign and still use them as a gateway to the city. But I would remove the keep lord and in its place have 3 battle objective flags. These would be placed in key parts within each fortress’s outer walls to promote fighting right throughout the fortress. To take the fortress you need to hold all three for a given amount of time. The tick starts when you take the last objective, this minute or so tick would hopefully promote strategic defence and spread the fighting throughout the fortress. It’s simple and RvR driven.

  9. Rory Donahoe says:

    I would take each keep and add anywhere from 2 to 5 capture/objective points depending on the tier and the size of the fortress/keep. Once a point has been captured a horde of defenders spawn to attack your party, so you better be ready. Then, once it has been captured, you must move to the next point and capture it. But, be careful, the defenders can recapture their points. Once you have all of the points captured the Keep Lord will spawn and once he’s defeated the keep is yours and the loot spawns. This allows full movement through the keep, keeps the fighting moving, and removes that annoying ability of defenders to hide behind the lords, but still grants them the ability to stop the attackers.

    Each point that you take part in capturing should also add to the dynamic number that calculates how much you lent to the fight when the loot is rolled. That point would be removed if an enemy recaptured the point.

    I like the idea of each point being some important object. Like, for instance, a wheel to the draw bridge to allow the doors to remain open. A locked chest with a key to allow attackers to use the back door. Some mystical orb that removes some kind of aura of defense, a banner, or some other MacGuffin a keep would hold.

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  12. testpig says:

    heya! still waiting for my collectors edition! lol i sent you my addy weeks ago, but still nothing in the mail

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